The Gap Panel

(27 Reviews)


The Gap Panel

The Gap Panel


(27 Reviews)



The Grate Accessory Pack (GrateTongs, Scraper and Grate Valley Brush)

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The Stainless Steel Grate Valley Grill Brush


The Best Grilling Accessory You’ll Ever Buy for your grill.

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Nobody wants a burnt or dry meal. Flare-ups can quickly ruin any backyard cookout. At GrillGrate, we believe that grilling should be easy, fun, and stress-free – every time. All you need is GrillGrates for your grill.

  • Non-stick Hard Anodized Aluminum Interlocking Panels
  • Two-in-One Surface; Rails Side Up for Traditional Grilling & Flat Side for Flat Top Griddling
  • Rust Resistant Material


  • Faster cooking
  • Simpler grilling with better results
  • Reduced flare-ups
  • Versatility
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Light and transportable

Your Grill, But Better. As opposed to traditional grill surfaces that merely hold the food above the heat source, GrillGrates concentrate heat through the patented raised rail design cooking food faster and more evenly. GrillGrate’s air flow vents and flat side work together to trap grease, prevent charring, and block those pesky flare-ups that tend to engulf and dry out food. When we say better, juicier food every time – we mean it! It is central to the innovative design of this grate. The sizzling-hot valleys vaporize drippings and juices, retaining moisture and enhancing flavor.

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Shipping & Returns

(27) Reviews

  1. Thomas Coppola

    I purchased the 5 panel 18.5″ set for my Char-Broil grill. The 18.5 set was perfect length sitting on top of the existing grates. But, was just a bit too wide. I ordered 2 Gap Panels. This made it a perfect fit. I’m able to use the whole grilling space and more. Plus, I now have an extra main panel to use as a flat top when needed.

  2. Nick

    Started by covering 2/3 of my 6 burner Weber with Grill Grate. Didn’t take long to fall in love with my Grill Grates so I purchased the additional 1/3 so my entire grill is Grill Grate covered. It is difficult to get an even temperature on such a large grill but the Grill Grates completely solved that problem. Even temperature throughout the grilling surface! I no longer have to stand by the grill with a water spray bottle to douse flare ups while grilling high fat meats such as rib eye steaks. Perfect grill marks every time and no more charred food.

  3. MaddMax

    With this filler my portable grill is covered perfectly even though I had to trim off less than an inch on the end, so the grill lid would close. I used my carbide blade on my chop saw, worked great!

  4. Anonymous

    The gap panel was just what I needed to fill up my grill solid with grill grates I love it!

  5. Anonymous

    Work very nicely to complete my grill surface. I’ve never had a problem with the grill grate system. The only item I’ve had trouble with is the instant read thermometer. Seems to jump around with temperatures varying 10-20 degrees.

    Brad here- Instant reads are just that- instant- I use a couple of reads to be certain and test each piece of food in sequence to get overall feel of cook process.

  6. Ronnie B

    It filled in nicely now the grill cooking surface is all grill grate no flare ups.Makes my small two burner gas grill a steak cooking machine!

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