The GrillGrate OvenGrate


The GrillGrate OvenGrate

The GrillGrate OvenGrate



The Stainless Steel Grate Valley Grill Brush

GrillGrate Comprehensive Cleaning Set

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The OvenGrate by GrillGrate is revolutionizing cooking by turning your oven into a grill. Get those unmistakable grilled flavors without stepping outside! The broiler pan was invented in early 1900’s and never been improved upon. It’s a rarely used relic. The Oven has been devoid of viable grilling options until now. GrillGrate’s raised rail design coupled with a commercial grade nesting pan brings a complete grilling experience in your oven. The raised rails deliver those flavorful sear marks and the valleys in between sizzle juices for that unmistakable grilled flavor. The custom sized Roman Pan from Lloyd Pans is a commercial product of superior quality and will deliver value and versatility both with and without GrillGrates.

From GrillGrate’s Sear’NSizzle® line, the OvenGrate is made of hard anodized aluminum, a highly conductive and naturally nonstick surface. The Set consists of:

  • 2 GrillGrates
  • 1 Roman pan from Lloyd Pan’s made of Hard Anodized aluminum vertical sidewalls. An outstanding addition to anyone’s pan collection.
  • 1 GrateTong- part GrateTool, part tong, this allows you to lift and flip food on and off the OvenGrate with ease.

How does it work? Raised rails deliver high heat searing and efficiently transfer that heat into the food you’re cooking. The valleys vaporize natural juices, adding moisture and grilled flavor back into anything you cook. 

Your love of grilling doesn’t have to be confined to your charcoal, pellet, or gas grill. Bring your cooks indoors with the GrillGrate OvenGrate.


  • Juicier, more flavorful food
  • Amplified heat
  • Never rusts
  • Even cooking 
  • Beautiful sear marks every time
  • Reversible for griddle or defrost plate


  • Use: Preheat Pan with OvenGrate inside in Oven at 450 –500F for 15-20 minutes. Once hot, avoid removing the OvenGrate. Always use Oven Mitts or Grill Gloves. To season before your first few cooks, spray duck fat or canola oil on hot grates prior to placing food on the grates. Place food onto the OvenGrate using the GrateTong. Use an instant read thermometer to achieve perfect doneness.
  • Cleaning: Hand wash only. Do not clean in dishwasher as the detergent is harsh and can pit aluminum cookware. The GrillGrates will season over time and take on a golden patina or even darker seasoning as they do on outdoor grills. Hotter oven temps will yield deeper seasoning.
    • CAUTION: Do not dishwash
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