Grilled Bacon Wrapped Anything

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July 17, 2019

  • Yields: Delicious food that is wrapped in bacon and grilled


1Season & wrap whatever it is that you've decided to cook with bacon. You want to try and completely envelop your food with bacon. Secure with Grill Pinz as needed. Bacon helps your food stay juicy and flavorful and really takes bland food like chicken to the next level.

2Preheat your grill to a medium temp of about 500°F.

3Place your bacon wrapped goodness on your GrillGrates. Close the lid of your grill.

4Occasionally lift and twist your food. You are looking for a combination of sear marks and crispy, rendered bacon. If your grill is too hot, the bacon will not cook properly and will likely burn. If your grill is too cold, the bacon will not crisp up properly and will have the tendency to not stay adhered to your food. *If you are not using GrillGrates and you try to attempt this technique on your grill have your fire extinguisher ready at arms length.

5Grill whatever you've chosen to your desired internal temperature or doneness. Don't be afraid to move and flip your food more often at the end. This will help with the final crisp of your bacon.


Bacon- thick cut

More Bacon- thick cut

Grill Pinz


Seasoning- at the very least salt and pepper