wagyu on the grill

How to GRILL Wagyu and Kobe Beef


July 17, 2019

  • Yields: Perfectly cooked Wagyu or Kobe
wagyu on the grill


1With Wagyu and Kobe there is no need to allow the meat to sit at room temp. You want to grill it from a cold state unless its a big old 2+ inch ribeye. In which case the reverse sear technique should be used. Both Wagyu and Kobe can be grilled on GrillGrate's raised rails OR on the flat back side.

2Preheat your GrillGrates to medium high or about 650°F.

3Remove the meat from the packaging and season.

4Place meat on raised rails or flat back side of the hot GrillGrates. The thinner the cut of beef the quicker it will cook. When dealing with A4 or A5 graded beef you are basically warming the interior of the meat. If you heat it too much all of the delicious fat you just paid top dollar for will render out. With thicker, lower graded cuts it is OK to go to medium rare but much past that you are kind of defeating the purpose of purchasing meat with such a high fat content.

5The grilling of Wagyu and Kobe isn't much different than traditional beef but extra care needs to be exercised when it comes to grill temps and internal meat temps.

6Once the meat is cooked you can slice it into bite size pieces and sprinkle a little sea salt over it to finish.


Wagyu or Kobe Beef- whatever cut and however much your wallet can afford.

Sea Salt/Kosher Salt

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper