The GrateTool Kickstand

Often times when grilling rack of lamb or bone-in pork roasts it can be difficult to get a good "all over" sear. By nature a round shaped roast will not sit properly in certain positions without a a little help.

 Any cut of beef, pork or lamb that still has the bones (rib bones work best)
 Seasoning of your choice
 Instant read thermometer


Essentially this is a modified technique employed to help sear larger cuts of meat.


The GrateTool can be "threaded" through the rib bones in order to hold the meat in certain positions.


Very helpful for rack of lamb or bone-in pork loins where normally parts of the roast do not get contact with the grill surface.


The GrateTool can also be used to prop the lid of your grill open which can be helpful when trying to regulate temperatures.