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Oklahoma Joe’s

No matter what size or fuel type you’re working with, GrillGrates enhance your Oklahoma Joe’s grill. Creating great flavors with charcoal but wish you had a bit more temperature control? GrillGrates sit on top of your existing surface and act as a flame shield, helping charcoal grills like yours perform at their best by enhancing control and flexibility. If you have a combo gas/charcoal smoker & grill, take that heat control and cook up something juicy and more flavorful without worrying about flare ups. And finally, if you love your pellet grill but miss the days of searing the perfect steak, reversible hard anodized aluminum GrillGrates trap and radiate heat, sizzling up the rails for steakhouse level searing.

If you’re looking to get more out of your grill – particularly more moisture, more flavor and more professional grade sear marks – you need a set of GrillGrates.

There’s a GrillGrate made specifically for your Oklahoma Joe’s Grill! Find your size below:

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GrillGrates For Gas

These reversible interlocking panels replace the existing grates on your gas grill, and immediately kick your cooking up a notch.

GrillGrates For Charcoal

GrillGrates act as a flame shield, so you can finally do direct grilling at higher temperatures without fear of flames or charring.

GrillGrates For Pellet

GrillGrates turn your pellet grill into the most versatile outdoor grill. Secret sauce: no need for two grills for a reverse sear; do it all in one with a sear station on your pellet grill!


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