DRIP-ology: The Science of Grilled Flavor

July 15, 2015

We finally had to invent a word to explain the added flavor that GrillGrates delivers. The sizzle effect was just not descriptive enough. We needed a better way to describe how drippings sizzling in the valleys are flavor bombs.  Then we came across a great quote from the Art and Science of Cooking by Modernist Cuisine:

The real secret to the unique flavor of grilled food is not the fuel, but the drippings. As these complex chemicals combust, they coat the food with a panoply of aromatic and delicious compounds.”
Hence:GG-DripologyTV-2.2015-2 copy

DRIP-ology:  The creation of grilled flavor by the vaporization and sizzling of drippings from grilled food. When dripping fats and juices combust on a hot surface or in the coals they explode into flavor that literally coats the food.
GrillGrates valleys are a flavor enhancing system as drippings fall into the hot valleys where they sizzle and vaporize into flavor and added moisture. The valleys being so close to the food amplifies the flavor as the vapor and steam only has to travel an inch to reach the food.
Drip-ology- one of the secrets of GrillGrates!