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Using Hard Anodized GrillGrates on Your Grill

Prior to first use:

Clean your grill! Clean your grease trap, inspect your burners and flame tents. Remove any debris that has accumulated on the ledges in the front and back that hold the grates. This will prevent flare-ups from igniting grease and debris in the bottom of your grill. Should a grease fire occur, turn off the burners and leave the lid closed until the fire is out. Do not use water to extinguish a grease fire.

Interlocking GrillGrates

1. Interlock panels and preheat grill with GrillGrates on top. Before using GrillGrates empty grease tray and check for excessive grease in the grill to prevent "blocked flare ups" from igniting grease in the bottom of your grill.

Sequence of GrillGrates Seasoning

2.  The first time or two you grill with GrillGrates hit the tops of the rails with a rag or paper towel that is wet with a bit of oil with a high smoke point such as refined peanut oil or avocado oil  Discontinue use of oil once the grates are seasoned as continuous use can cause a build up and cause sticking. No need to oil the valleys- they will get plenty of seasoning over time. Always oil your food before seasoning and grilling.


3. Avoid over cleaning in the beginning to allow for seasoning. Clean the rails during warm-up with a grill brush or pad and semi-annually soak in hot soapy water and scrub with sponge or brillo. GrillGrates should outlast the life of your grill!




*Do not put anything on top of your GrillGrates other than food or our GrateGriddle. Heat can potentially become trapped and damage the GrillGrates.

Learn More About Care & Cleaning Your GrillGrates


What To Expect

Your grill will run hotter. GrillGrates are made of hard anodized aluminum, one of the most highly conductive materials known to man. Aluminum allows heat to travel through it much more rapidly than poorly conducting materials such as cast iron. This means your GrillGrates will heat up much quicker and cool down rapidly once you are finished grilling. You will use less fuel, you will save time AND you will grill much more efficiently! Adjust your grill temperature down, according to the type of grill you own. See chart to the right.

Amplification Chart

Prepare To GrillGrate

Be prepared for what a difference a grate makes! GrillGrates improve the functionality and effectiveness of any grill and solve many grilling challenges. Download a .pdf version of our User Guide and Recipe book.

Some of our best recipes come from our customers! Have you got some Grate Grilling recipes you would like to share? Click here to share them with us. If we use your recipe on our website we will set you up with some Grate Swag!

Recipe Guide

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Helpful Videos For New Owners

Now that you've got your GrillGrates and hopefully used them a few times by now you probably have a few questions. The following videos should get you going down the right path. Of course if you have any additional questions please feel free to email us or give us a call 877-380-2527 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm est.


Grate First Recipes

You'll want to season the GrillGrates the first few times you use them. To help expedite this process we recommend cooking "fatty" foods the first few times you grill. Treat your GrillGrates like a cast iron skillet, let them get good and black, and they will become truly non-stick. Here are a couple recipes that are perfect for first time users of GrillGrates and will yield Grate results for even the most novice of grillers!


Advanced Grilling Techniques

Once you get the hang of GrillGrates there no limit to what you can grill. With these advanced techniques at your disposal you will take your grilling game to the next level. Dining out at restaurants becomes a thing of the past.


Grate Grillers To Watch & Follow

Some of our favorite characters out there on social media

Malcolm Reed from HowToBBQRight

Scott Gregg from Scott Gregg Outdoors

Justin at Baby Back Maniac


Tips For Healthier Grilling

  • Meat is not the enemy- just don’t burn it: The research is not in dispute here. Charred, burned meat does contain known carcinogens (HCA’s and PAH’s) but there are plenty of ways to off-set them. Grill food to goal temps, avoid too much open flame or grilling too well done. Grilling faster can also reduce the amount of char.
  • Eat more vegetables: A balanced diet consists of vegetables, fruits, and meat. Grilled vegetables contain counter-balancing antioxidants that research shows neutralize carcinogen formation and works to counter-act it. Research points to this neutralizing effect with the use of herbs and spices too.
  • Grill more kinds of vegetables: No butter or calorie-rich sauces required. Sweet potatoes, beets, carrots and squash caramelize at grill temps letting the natural sugars deliver the best and tastiest flavor. Grill peppers, onions, zucchini, with just a touch of olive oil and pepper. Enjoy all that antioxidant power working to improve your health while offsetting the effects of cooking red meat.
  • Grill more fish and chicken: Grilled chicken does not have to be slathered in barbecue sauce. A simple rub of herbs and spices is healthier and contains more antioxidants. Salmon is ideal to spice up and grill hot and fast like a steak. Is there a tastier way to eat fish than grilled?
  • Spice up grilled meats: The antioxidant power of herbs, particularly rosemary, paprika, garlic, sage and black pepper, retard the formation of HCA’s. For example, adding dried cherries to hamburger shows significant reductions in HCA formation.
  • Marinade meat before grilling: Research again points to significant reductions of HCA’s. Be careful not to use flammable marinades as they may do more harm than good.
  • Grill on a clean hot grill and ban flare-ups. Eliminating flare-ups is the best way to control char and gain control of the grill.

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