GrillGrate Comprehensive Cleaning Set

(13 Reviews)


GrillGrate Comprehensive Cleaning Set

GrillGrate Comprehensive Cleaning Set


(13 Reviews)



GrillGrate Comprehensive Cleaning Set

This is a grill cleaning system on steroids! Not a metal bristle in the bunch for maximum safety.

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Shipping & Returns

(13) Reviews

  1. Al Ludwick (verified owner)

  2. Gina W. (verified owner)

  3. julie geist

    Purchased this item for my husband for his birthday and he just loves it.

  4. George Owen Christenson

  5. Gene Speicher

    A very good, heavy duty BBQ cleaning set. Designed just to fit Grill Grates. A must have

  6. Stuart Grossman

    The tools work well, designed for the configuration of the GrillGrates. The price is absolutely unreasonable and not worthy of the materials found on the tools. Haven’t tried the liquid cleaner yet.
    Brad here Stuart- The commercial grill brush is expensive. The fiber comes from Germany and is amazing! Used correctly it will last for years! Wait until you try the cleaner- it rocks not just on GrillGrates but all grill surfaces

  7. Roy

    Scraper or whatever it’s called carved grill down to bare metal and now causes metal chips.
    Brad here. You do need to run the scraper smoothly and slowly down the raised rails- like a paint scraper. It really works. If you nick the AL it will be fine and will actually heal very quickly.

  8. Chris S

    Amazing quality. Grill Grates cleaned up nice.

  9. Anonymous

    It works outstanding the system is nicely designed.


    Great products to keep it all clean! Works great! But want to try me cleaner just announced the week also! Unbelievable on the quality of all these products! Buy with confidence! Worth every penny!

  11. MC

    The cleaning system I’ve been waiting for, this system get the tough burnt barnacle’s between the grooves on the grates in a fast easy scrub to eliminate grease and particles. Followed by a quick clean of the grates ready for the next protein. If you love grilling this cleaning system will make your life easier!

  12. Rickard J Fure

    Leather hanging straps broke on both cleaners first use, very cheap. Brush works well, but paint coming off handle after first use. Valley brush does not do much for cleaning, does remove large items, but that’s about all. In my opinion this set is way over priced for the quality that you get, $20-$25 would be more in line of what it’s worth.

  13. TH

    I[ve been cleaning my grill grates–I have three sets–with standard grill brushes, screwdrivers, 5/8th inch chisels and steel wool for some years, all with moderate success. I finally broke down and bought this set and am no longer hesitant to let others see my grills. They are CLEAN, not sparkling, but clean. These tools and products are designed for the job and worth the cost. I will be purchasing sets for the grills at my other two homes and for all persons to whom I have gifted Grill Grates.

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