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Clean your grill!

Clean the grease trap, inspect your burners and flame tents. Remove debris that has accumulated on the ledges that hold the grates. This will prevent flare-ups from igniting grease and debris in the bottom of your grill. Should a grease fire occur, turn off the burners and leave the lid closed until the fire is out. Do not use water to extinguish a grease fire.

Season your grates with an onion

Onions contain sulfur compounds which is why you cry when cutting them. These compounds when heated react with bare metal to form a hard, non-stick sulfide layer. This sulfide layer is rock hard to 1000°F. Thanks to Chef James Neissa! for sharing this with us. Use grill gloves or long-handled tongs to hold the onion.

  1. Connect interlocking panels and preheat grill with GrillGrates placed on top
  2. Get the grill and new GrillGrates screaming hot.
  3. Rub the onion vigorously along the raised rails- much like a scrub brush. You want
    some aggressive pressure.
  4. Go over the rails several times and be rewarded with a dark layer on the rails that will deliver non-stick grilling and easier release of grill debris and carbon.


Avoid over-cleaning GrillGrates in the beginning to allow them to season. Clean the rails during warm-up with a grill brush or pad and semi-annually soak in hot soapy water and scrub with sponge or brillo. GrillGrates should outlast the life of your grill! Learn more about Routine Care & Cleaning here. Do not put anything on top of your GrillGrates other than food. Heat can potentially become trapped and damage the GrillGrates

Your grill will run 100º to 350º hotter than
the temp in the hood or dome of the grill

GrillGrates are made of hard anodized aluminum, one of the most highly conductive materials. Aluminum allows heat to travel through it much more rapidly than poorly conducting materials such as cast iron. This means your GrillGrates will heat up quicker and cool down rapidly once you are finished grilling. You will use less fuel, you will save time, and you will grill more efficiently! Reduce your grill temperature accordingly.

Expected increases in temperature when adding GrillGrates to grill surfaces


Click for more on Care & Cleaning. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email us or give us a call 877-380-2527.


Season the GrillGrates by cooking “fatty” foods the first few times you grill. Treat your GrillGrates like a cast iron skillet, let them get good and black, and they will become non-stick. Here are a couple recipes that are perfect for first time users of GrillGrates and will yield Grate results. Check out our huge selection of recipes and enjoy.

Herbed chicken thighs
Ribeye steaks seared, not charred
Thin cut pork chops


Once you get the hang of GrillGrates there no limit to what you can grill.

Setup for grilling ribs

Two zone grilling

Reverse sear for thick steaks and roasts


Registering your GrillGrates is quick and helps us better serve you. Tell us a bit about your grilling self so we can provide you with the tips, recipes, and news that’s right for you. Our goal is to help you get the best out of your grill and your GrillGrates. We will never share your information. Need another reason to register?

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“Replace your existing grill grates, and say hello to beautiful grill marks and goodbye to uneven heat on your gas grill. They can soup up a subpar grill.”
- Joe Ray, WIRED

‘We think GrillGrates are fantastic and worth the money! We’ve been using them for a couple of years. They really improved our results.”
- Lazy-Q Life

“GrillGrates are amazing for searing. They increase the grill’s surface temperature, they create a more consistent temperature across the surface and they deliver superior sear marks to your steak that will make your friends jealous!”
- Matt Lokay, California Grillin, as featured in CNN Underscored

“What is great about these grates, besides the excellent sear marks they provide, is that you can flip them over and use the flat side as a flat griddle for searing burgers!”
- Malu in the Kitchen

Serious Eats

“If you want to turn your grill into a beast, you need to get a GrillGrate.”

The GrillGrate Griddle and Defrost Plate

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