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Pellet Grills

GrillGrates Turbocharge Pellet Grills!

GrillGrates add up to 200F at the cooking surface. Now you can get killer sear marks from a pellet grill too!

Have you bought a pellet grill and now the wife wonders where the grill marks are? GrillGrates enhance the searing and higher heat capability of pellet grills as they concentrate, amplify and radiate heat.
  • GrillGrates primarily apply to the direct grilling aspect of pellet grills
  • GrillGrates enable higher heat cooks by concentrating the heat of the grill and driving the heat up the cooking rails. The end results are BOLD sear marks like you would get on a traditional grill
  • GrillGrates SEAR, SIZZLE, RADIATE and PROTECT for juicier, more tender foods. Juices sizzle in the valleys for added flavor, moisture and tenderness
Yoder, RecTec and Grilla all offer OEM GrillGrate "sear stations" to their customers as the final piece of the puzzle.

GrillGrates work best on pellet grills when used on top of an existing surface. Rarely, if ever, do we do complete replacements on pellet grills. GrillGrates have much more mass than a traditional grill surface & can possibly effect the airfow design of some pellet grills. This is why we recommend our Sear Stations for pellet grills.

rec-tec-large2.jpg gmg3.jpg traeger-with-grates.jpg
The 18.5" GrillGrate Sear Station is perfect for this RecTec pellet grill. The 16.25" GrillGrate Sear Station on a Green Mountain Pellet Grill The 13.75" GrillGrate Sear Station on a Traeger Pellet Grill
yoder-large2.jpg backwoodssmoker.jpg royal-tailgater.jpg
Set of Six Custom Sized 19.5" GrillGrates fills up this Yoder. Set of Four 18.5" GrillGrates comes standard on this Backwoods Pellet Grill The 13.75" GrillGrate Sear Station on a Royal Tailgater portable pellet grill.