A-Maze-N Tube Smoker – 6″ Tube ONLY

(15 Reviews)


A-Maze-N Tube Smoker – 6″ Tube ONLY

A-Maze-N Tube Smoker – 6″ Tube ONLY


(15 Reviews)


This product is currently out of stock.

A-Maze-N-Tube-Smoker – 6″ version only available.
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Shipping & Returns

(15) Reviews

  1. matt worden

    The A-MAZE-IN TUBE Smoker worked far better than I thought it would. I won’t be going back to wood chips or chunks.

  2. Rance

    Used the 12 inch for the 1st time today on my Weber gas grill and cooked a pork butt. Product does everything it’s advertised to do. Why buy a separate smoker when you can do it all with gas?? I used the Jack Daniels pellets and will be ordering more of those along with several more flavors all from Grill Grates. Great company!! Wife said the pork tacos were Amazing!!!

  3. Mike

    Now I have a collection of these great grilling accessories. Because I have a gas grill I depend on these to put the smoke to everything from (cold smoking) cheese, to chops & steaks and of course my Thanksgiving turkey! Highly recommended!

  4. Earl Bennis

    I tossed a whole chicken on my grill and used the six inch A-Maze-n -tube. It produced smoke for over two hours.I am really pleased how simple it is to use and get great smoke through out the meat.

  5. Kent

    I’m anxious to use but haven’t yet. I have my wood pellets and just started to season the 5 panel grill grates. Clean up of grill rates and griddle was nice and quick with the thongs and grill brush. So far I’m very happy. I kept checking various surface areas for temp and was impressed with the slight differences in temp ranges. Grilled burgers with with very very minor flare up. I’m a novice at grilling but I’ll learn fast..

  6. Mike Shay

    Used this for the first time on Thanksgiving. The 6 inch tube smoked for two hours and that was all the Turkey needed. Highly recommended.

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