Custom Cut Gap Panel

(7 Reviews)


Custom Cut Gap Panel

Custom Cut Gap Panel


(7 Reviews)



Enter your EXACT grillgrate length (up to 3 decimal places). Please measure and order carefully. No refunds or exchanges on Custom Cuts.

The Grate Accessory Pack (GrateTongs, Grate Valley Brush, and Grate Gloves)

The Stainless Steel Grate Valley Grill Brush


Custom Cut GrillGrate Gap Panels. Gap panels are 2.33″ wide. Need a full set of custom cut GrillGrates? Click here.

Want the perfect fit for your grill? GrillGrates will cut custom grates to fit your personal grill specifications. Follow the steps below for the most exact cut. (Note: We do not custom-size the width of GrillGrates, only the length.)

1. Enter your EXACT GrillGrate length (Up to 3 decimal places) in the form marked DESIRED LENGTH above. Please measure and order carefully. No refunds or exchanges on Custom Cuts.

2. Enter the grill brand in the form marked GRILL MANUFACTURER.

3. Select the number of panels and gap panels you need to fill your grill space.

(Not sure how many panels you need to maximize your grill space? Click HERE to use our Grill Panel and GrillGrate Length Calculator)

4. Place your order.

Custom Cuts are outsourced. We make every attempt to process and ship all custom cut orders within 3-5 business days, but due to heavy volumes or holiday orders, this is not a guarantee. We do not offer 2nd-day service on Custom Cut orders.

Confused? Give us a call at 877-380-2527 or email us at

Shipping & Returns
Shipping & Returns

(7) Reviews

  1. Aaron Baxter (verified owner)

  2. Evert Bennett (verified owner)

    Superior Quality

  3. Don Treece

    These put beautiful grill marks on my meats. Love them!!

  4. Anonymous

    I purchased a set of grates, including a gap panel for my Chargrill. My grill never performed better! Even heat distribution and easy turning of food. I can control heat better yielding perfect meat to the table. So glad I found you.

  5. Rock

    By filling out the grill surface I am able to use a lower setting for the same heat and get better and more uniform overall heated grates

  6. Al Quinn

    I ordered a gap panel of a custom length to fit my grill. I received a full sized panel. So I called Brad and assured me it was being taken care of. Received the gap panel in two days with a return for the original grates. I love my grill grates and cook in them daily. As I discussed with Brad, I plan on using the gap panel to add a smokey flavor by putting pieces of pecan on the gap and the food on an indirect heat while smoking, then finishing the food on the grill grates as they are intended for cooking. I have already used this method and it’s well worth the price of a panel. Great product, great customer service, great value.

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