Custom Cut Replacement GrillGrates for all Grills 20″ and under

(16 Reviews)


Custom Cut Replacement GrillGrates for all Grills 20″ and under

Custom Cut Replacement GrillGrates for all Grills 20″ and under


(16 Reviews)



Enter your EXACT grillgrate length (up to 3 decimal places). Please measure and order carefully. No refunds or exchanges on Custom Cuts.

Custom Cut 20" Gap Panel

Two Custom Cut 20" Gap Panels


Custom Cut GrillGrates for all Grills 20″ and UNDER  – GrateTool included with sets of 2 or more

If you need GrillGrates that are exactly 20″ Click Here

Want the perfect fit for your grill? GrillGrates will cut custom grates to fit your personal grill specifications. Follow the steps below for the most exact cut. (NoteWe do not custom-size the width of GrillGrates, only the length.)

1. Enter your EXACT grill grate length (Up to 3 decimal places) in the form marked DESIRED LENGTH above. Please measure and order carefully. No refunds or exchanges on Custom Cuts.

2. Enter the grill brand in the form marked GRILL MANUFACTURER.

3. Select the number of panels and gap panels you need to fill your grill space.

(Not sure how many panels you need to maximize your grill space? Click HERE to use our Grill Panel and GrillGrate Length Calculator)

4. Place your order

Custom Cuts are outsourced. We make every attempt to process and ship all custom cut orders within 3-5 business days, but due to heavy volumes or holiday orders, this is not a guarantee. We do not offer 2nd-day service on Custom Cut orders.

Confused? Give us a call at 877-380-2527 or email us at

Shipping & Returns
Shipping & Returns


The magic equation:

GrillGrates + your gas grill = Carefree grilling and juicier food!

These reversible interlocking panels replace the existing grates on your gas grill, and immediately kick your cooking up a notch. Flare-ups are no longer a concern as heat concentrates up the raised rails, making burnt, charred and dry food a thing of the past. Your new secret weapon will bring you from everyday grill enthusiast to newly crowned neighborhood GrillMaster known for creating professional level sear marks every time.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Hard anodized aluminum GrillGrates lock in flavor by vaporizing moisture and heating food evenly in its own natural, juicy steam. The direct heat delivered by our patented raised rail design easily locks moisture and flavor into your food - where it should be. Ready to get started?
See these techniques for leveling up your gas grill now.

BONUS: Use GrillGrates rails up for traditional grilling, or flip them over for masterful flat top griddling. When you're done cooking on GrillGrates, cleaning your grill surface is easier than ever.

Note: While we recommend replacing grates on gas grills for maximum fuel efficiency, you can also use GrillGrates on top of your existing grates.



Never burn a steak again. The flame shield eliminates flare-ups. And the raised rails deliver the perfect sear.


GrillGrates can be configured to your needs. Create independent heat zones by separating the grates. Even flip over for an instant griddle!


Made from anodized aluminum, these grates will never rust out. When properly seasoned, they are non-stick and easy to clean.

(16) Reviews

  1. George Hornberger

    Performed as advertised. Grilled up 2 thick rib-eye steaks…not a single flare up, great grill marks. they came out perfectly grilled and delicious. I bought these for a propane grill and intend to invest in some for my charcoal grill.

  2. Mark Willoughby

    I bought the grates as I was tired of having to watch my Weber grill almost 100% of the time to ensure flare ups did not ruin a meal in a matter of minutes. I love the grates because you can cook at much lower temperatures which eliminates the prospects of a flare up even more.

  3. Janice

    Custom ordered, perfect fit. Love then!

  4. Ted

    With flare ups and inconsistent temperatures across the cooking surface, I had all but given up on my gas grill. But the time to get my charcoal grill going made outdoor cooking a chore. My GrillGrates have changed that. I get consistent heat across the cooking surface an no more flare-ups. They also make fabulous sear lines. Now I get the convenience of the propane grill with something closer to the results of my charcoal.

    One note: These really do expand quite a bit when hot. I think GG says 1/8″, but you should consider allowing more than that. Especially if you have longer grates as thermal expansion will be larger for longer grates. Luckily I have enough room, but just be aware that you need to leave considerable room for expansion.
    Good point on expansion Ted- we’ll add that to our longer lengths

  5. Anthony R

    I recently rebuilt my members mark gas grill. It’s about 15 years old and this marks its second “rebuild” I.e. new burners, hoods and grates. After watching videos and reading about grillgrates, I went with a custom cut 6 panel set. It fits my grill perfectly. Almost too perfect actually, I wish I would have gone with the 18.8 set instead of the 20” cut to 19”. They fit so well that they don’t move, which is what I was going for, but the only problem is there’s nowhere to push the burnt debris that builds up, but not a huge deal. I’ve cooked on them 4 times now, using both the grill and the flat side and I love the way they cook. Can’t wait for many more delicious meals.
    Brad here- I suggest you push debris to the back and accumulate a little burn pile- it won’t smoke and when it gets a bit much I lift my set up in one piece and dump into the garden and grill on! #grillgrateful

  6. Ken D

    I bought the Grill-grates to dissipate heat in a hot spot in the center of my Cabellas Pellet Grill. They worked perfectly. I even opened the searing vent while I was smoking a roast and grilled some burgers then closed it. Hot spot was gone. I am very satisfied with the product.

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