Grill & Grate Cleaning Combo

(9 Reviews)


Grill & Grate Cleaning Combo

Grill & Grate Cleaning Combo


(9 Reviews)



Grill & Grate Cleaning Combo

The ultimate one-two punch for deep cleaning your GrillGrates! All natural food surface safe cleaner and our commercial grade grill brush will make quick work of even the dirtiest of GrillGrates. Simply apply spray, wait 5-10 minutes and then scrub your GrillGrates with the specially contoured grill brush. Wipe grates clean with a towel and your are ready to get back to grilling Grate again!


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Shipping & Returns

(9) Reviews

  1. Akhil

  2. Hfour

  3. Chris

    The brush does a grate job. Just what I needed to keep my grill grates clean. Really happy with this package of cleaner and brush.

  4. Scott Southmayd

    Very impressed with the grill grates spray cleaner!, used it for the first time and I was amazed how well it works, Along with the grill brush it makes cleaning my grates a breeze!

  5. Skip

    I received the Grill Grates as a Father’s Day gift. Before using them I ordered the Brush & Cleaner Combo. I have since used the Grill Grates to grill hamburgers and asparagus (on my Weber), and pork tenderloins, filet steaks and shimp in my Char Broiler Akorn (Kamado Pot). My experience thus far is that pork tenderloins turn out better without the Grill Grates. The Grill Grates have done as good a job with the filet steaks and shimp. I do believe there is a marginally better consistency of heat dispersion on the Weber and in the Kamado Pot when using the Grill Grates. However, if I had purchased the Grill Grates I would have to say the marginal difference is probably not worth the cost of the Grill Grates and the time it takes to “assemble” them and clean them. As far as the brush and cleaner go, they work fine but are overpriced.
    Brad here- GrillGrates do cook differently and take some time to learn. Hopefully you will find them additive when you grill- not so much low and slow. Enjoy!

  6. Frank Patton

    Brush is nicely designed to fit into the grill grates. Will likely cut down the length of the handle somewhat as it is way too long to fit in any drawer we have, either inside or off the patio, Great that the bristles are not metal. Despite the design, this package, brush and cleaner, seem to be overpriced. Guess they can do that due to the unique design

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