Commercial Grade Grill Brush

(19 Reviews)


Commercial Grade Grill Brush

Commercial Grade Grill Brush


(19 Reviews)




Commercial Grade Grill Brush

High heat plastic bristle brush ideal for brushing grease and drippings out of the valleys and for cleaning GrillGrates off of the grill.

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Shipping & Returns

(19) Reviews

  1. Robert Stevens (verified owner)

  2. frank candelino (verified owner)

  3. FRANK (verified owner)

  4. Roy Hammond (verified owner)

  5. John G. (verified owner)

    A bit pricey now let’s see how it works and for how long

  6. CRESFORD (verified owner)

  7. Jon Cavanaugh (verified owner)

    What is the best way to clean the brush? I don’t think my wife will appreciate me putting a very dirty brush into her dishwasher.

    • Emily Astin (store manager)

      Fill a bowl of hot soapy water (dawn dish soap!) Or, our GrillGrate Cleaner.

  8. Del Boone

    The design of the brush is a perfect fit for the grates.

  9. Jimmy

    works very well on your grates grates ever!

  10. Dalton Parker

    Does a mighty fine job

  11. Dan V

    Don’t bother with the wire brush (it just gets clogged up and rusty). This brush works quite well. Along with the scraper, it is much easier to maintain the Grates.

  12. Sally Hernandez

    Very sturdy, great bristle material, easy to use and great cleaner.

  13. Norman Nichols

    Cleans my grill grates better than any brush I’ve tried. Especially love that no worries about bristles coming off and getting on food. Cleans the the entire surface.

  14. Mark

    Four stars because it is a cool product, and I have used it successfully. But I kind of wish I’d only bought the detailing tool and scraper. That thing is a beast.

    As far as this product is concerned, I love the non metal bristles. I tried using it with the GrillGrates on the grill and flung grease onto myself with the bristles, like an idiot.

    Now I only use it for my biyearly deep clean of the grates in the sink. Obviously, don’t do this often. But when you do it, this brush is nice.
    Brad here- YEP brush to the BACK of the grill, brushing backwards to you can send grease off the grill onto you shorts! Most cases debris should be swept to the back like a broom. I too use the scraper and the grill brush as a 1-2 combination to loosen and sweep and the rails with the scraper come clean in a couple of passes.

  15. Anonymous

    Great Product so far , Quick delivery..!!!

  16. Anonymous

    You’ve purchased the GrillGrates, and you’re loving them! But what do you do about cleaning between the rails after a cook, so that left overs from the previous cook don’t become part of your new creation? Please, purchase this Grill Brush! It makes cleaning between the rails incredibly easy during warmup.

  17. JoeE

    Ordered this brush to try and clean my GrillGrates better that just using the wire brush offered here. The brush worked much better than I had expected.
    Brad This is my favorite brush too- I use it as a broom to sweep debris to the back of my grills. The Scraper tool knocks off the debris and this brush really sweeps the grates clean. #grillon

  18. Cristian Teodoridis

    I love it, but the bristles are not resilient at high temps. I normally burn off the residue on the grill at top heat, leave the grill to cool for a little while then brush off. In this manner I have only been able to make the brush head last for about 1 year (we cook almost year round). The problem is that with tax and shipping it gets really expensive – almost $50 for a grill brush. I am getting ready to order my 3rd brush in 3 years (brush, brush head, brush again).
    Brad here- Heat control is the key. I use this brush more than the valley brush- I use it daily. During warm up. Once full hot- you can brush do so in quick strokes not slowly. Watching heat should make the brush last more than 1 year. Your feedback is helpful and we’ll try to include that in our product info better going forward too.

  19. Anonymous

    Great brush and an improvement from the original version.

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