GrillGrate Laser Thermometer

(15 Reviews)


GrillGrate Laser Thermometer

GrillGrate Laser Thermometer


(15 Reviews)


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LT-04GG Laser Thermometer

Designed to measure the GrillGrate surface temperature (not a food thermometer). Also makes a fun cat toy!

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Shipping & Returns

(15) Reviews

  1. Larry Pitre

    It works really well, but too well.

    My Chef wife stole mine and now I have to buy another one…

  2. Curtis Buckner

    Never used to be overly concerned with grate temp. Now with my new grill grates I feel it is a very useful (even necessary) tool for knowing when to start cooking.

  3. Dan Herod

    I have an older model 3 burner Weber Spirit that has the burners running horizontally. I always assumed the temperature would be consistent across the whole surface. I was very incorrect. This thermometer showed my my temps can vary 100 degrees from the right side (gas entry) to the far extreme. Now that I know what is going on, my grilling has improved greatly!

  4. Al

    Sure beats having to guess the gill grate temperature. I was able to get the needed temperature for the hamburgers and steaks. You are missing out if you do not have this!

  5. Stephen Thompson

    I’m happy with this purchase, it works just as advertised, has fast readings, and is nice and light. The price point is great compared to other options as well. It’s a must have addition for grill grates to dial in that perfect temp.

  6. Jim Morris

    While I’ve got an air probe I can clip to the grate, this IR thermometer is the bomb for giving you a quick idea of the surface temperature of the grate, and lets you know when you’ve reached searing temperatures for that steak or whatever you plan on cooking!

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