The Traeger Ironwood 650 & 885 Gift Set- $9 savings!


The Traeger Ironwood 650 & 885 Gift Set- $9 savings!

The Traeger Ironwood 650 & 885 Gift Set- $9 savings!



The Grate Thermometer Bundle- $10 Savings!

The Grate Accessory Pack (Combo Tongs, Scraper and Grate Valley Brush)


The Traeger Ironwood Gift Set features one GrillGrate Sear Station for the Traeger Ironwood 650 & 885, one 16.25″ Griddle, and the GrateTongs.

We call them “sear stations” for a reason. GrillGrates turn pellet smokers into pellet grills. They trap and concentrate heat and conduct it up the rails for great searing while the valleys sizzle juices for added flavor. GrillGrates are used on top of the existing grates on pellet grills and typically add 100 degrees or more at the grate surface. Get killer sear marks on your Traeger! Every set comes with a GrateTool which is part fork, part spatula that fits between the rails to get under your food and lift it without scraping.

The Grate Griddle is made of the same super heat-conductive hard-anodized aluminum as GrillGrates, providing the perfect companion to your grates for all griddling needs, right on your grill. It interlocks into the grates, and provides a nonstick surface for searing anything from bacon and eggs to crispy fish to hibachi night.

The GrateTongs are part GrateTool, part tongs- perfect for flipping food like a pro without scraping your grill!


  • Juicier, more flavorful food
  • Amplified heat
  • Never rusts
  • Even cooking
  • Beautiful sear marks every time
  • Reversible for griddle or defrost plate
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Shipping & Returns


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