Grilled Whole Carrots

By Chef Michael

December 8, 2015

Prep Time

10 mins

Grill Time

25 mins

Total Time

35 mins

Whole carrots are another vegetable that are ideal for GrillGrates. Dense root vegetables take a while to cook and GrillGrates delivers just the right amount of protection and searing.




whole carrots

olive oil

salt and pepper


Step 1

Peel the carrots

Step 2

Spritz with olive oil or put in ziploc, or bowl with oil, kosher salt and cracked pepper

Step 3

Grill carrots and most vegetables at medium heats 400-500F.

Step 4

Lay them with the rails and rotate every 4-5 minutes. Carrots take 15-25 minutes depending on their size.

Step 5

Avoid blackening and recognize that means your grill temps are too high. Remove from grill when they are soft to pierce with a fork or knife.

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