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Flip Side for Flat Top Grilling

by | Published Apr 29, 2019 | Last updated Nov 1, 2021 | 2 comments

Yields1 Serving
Flipping your GrillGrates over and cooking on the back side or flip side has really gained a lot of momentum in the past few years. What other grill surface is reversible and produces two totally different types of cooks? Many folks like their steaks, seafood and burgers to have that "all over" sear. Grilling on the flip side can also allow you more of a "griddle" type of cook for peppers, mushrooms, onions, you name it. GrillGrates are two cooking surfaces in one.



Start by flipping your GrillGrates over so that the flat side is facing up while on your grill. Turn your grill on. Using our Grate Scraper Tool or a clean paint scraper gently scrape the flat side to remove any built-up crud.


Let the thickness of the type of food you are cooking dictate how hot your grill should be. The thicker the steak the cooler the grates need to be (unless you are doing a reverse sear) so that you do not completely carbonize the exterior of your foods.


Always, always, always oil your food before you season. Immediately before you are going to begin cooking rub the flat side of the grates with some "high smoke point" oil (not EVOO) and then get the food in place. If you use too much oil you could cause a flare up so air to the side of caution.


 Here are some ides of what you can cook on the flip side:
 Fish (whole or filleted)
 Seafood (scallops and shrimp are home run)
 Vegetables (we love mushrooms and onions on our steak)
 Thin steaks (for thicker steaks we recommend the reverse sear technique)
 French Toast
 Crab Cakes
 Grilled Cheese
 The list goes on...... let your imagination guide the way!


  1. Brad Barrett

    Hi Robert, Meathead and I agree to disagree on the “Grate Sear Mark Debate”! We call them flavor bars that with GrillGrates can be dialed in from crunchy black to golden brown. An overall sear is one overall flavor. A well marked steak, burger or chop will have multiple flavors. On steaks I like a little harder sear which the sear mark delivers- but not too much! Either-way it’s precision grilling with GrillGrates!


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