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Hasty Bake

Charcoal grilling is fun. If you have a Hasty Bake Grill, you know that a top benefit is flavor injection – you can create really delicious, unique flavors when you grill with charcoal. But what happens when that flavor is masked by dryness and charring? Direct grilling at high temperatures on a charcoal grill can be very tricky. That’s why GrillGrates are the perfect accessory: our grates partially replace your existing surface and act as a flame shield, helping charcoal grills like yours perform at their best by enhancing control and flexibility and keeping food flavorful.

Shop GrillGrates for a better, more consistent cooking experience on your Hasty Bake Grill. We have sets to fit any size and shape. Shop all GrillGrate sets for Hasty Bake below:


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