4 Summer Grilling Trends We Love

June 24, 2021

Normally we’re not in a rush to jump on the “what’s trendy” bandwagon, but we’ve seen a couple of trends this summer that are IDEAL for grilling on GrillGrates.


TREND: Charcoal is Making a Comeback! 

Who doesn’t love live fire? There is something instinctual that gets ignited within each of us when we’re around an open flame. For this very reason we love cooking with charcoal and we’re thrilled so many others are lighting up! 

GrillGrates offer protected, high heat grilling on charcoal grills. There’s no need for indirect grilling. Put your grates down and fill the grill!  

TREND: Mixed Method Grilling 

We recently saw this in an article from Steve Raichlen recently about BBQ Trends for 2021. He talks about “Mixed Method Grilling”, which is the mixing of two different cooking techniques, one of which is grilling.  

Our favorite example of mixed method grilling is the Ruth’s Chris Kiss. This is when you grill the majority of the time rails up, and then finish with a final sear on the flat side of the grates. This keeps meat juicy and tender, but also allows for a nice crust at the very end.  

Other examples of mixed method grilling include reverse searing and the sous-vide-then-sear technique, both of which are used with thick-cut steaks. 

The key to taking advantage of this cooking method is having it set up and ready to go. Start off with some of your grates rails-up and some of them rails-down. You don’t want to be trying to flip hot grates. 

If you’d prefer not to change your current configuration, you can also use the GrillGrate Griddle placed on top of your grates for that flat-side finish. 

TREND: The Year of the Veggie (and Vegan) 

We have a saying here at GrillGrate, “Never Let Your Meat Grill Alone”. When you’re making a meal, remember that there’s no need to heat up the kitchen just to cook your vegetables. Throw them on the grill! 

Everything from peppers and onions to asparagus, brussels sprouts, corn, beets and more are awesome when grilled. The natural sugars in fruits and vegetables caramelize and flavors come alive when cooked on the grill. PLUS, The bottom plate on GrillGrates means you won’t lose any food to the flames! 

We’re not alone in our love for grilling veggies – Steve Raichlen just released an entire book about How to Grill Vegetables and according to TheTravel.com – meatless BBQ’s are very popular. People are even using cauliflower and watermelon “steaks” to take the place of our beloved beef. (That trend in particular isn’t for us, but LOVE our meat.) 

TREND: Home Bound Cooks are Now Eager to Entertain 

We talked about this in a previous blog, Millions of People Discovered the Joy of Grilling During the Pandemic. Grilling provided many people a way to change up their normal dinnertime routine, spend more time outside and try something new while staying safe at home.  

Additionally, with nowhere to go and nothing to spend money on, people used their time and money to fix up their homes. Outdoor living spaces were no exception to this rule. Grill sales were through the roof, as was patio furniture. Last year we were building our back yards, this year we are using them!  

Even the Wall Street Journal did a piece on “The Return of Dinner Parties: A Sensible, Low Stress Guide” knowing people will once again be gathering with the rollout of COVID vaccines and restrictions lifting across various states.  

So get your GrillGrates ready and prepare to gather ‘round the grill once again.  

GrillGrate. Eat Well.

– Meagan

What trends are you seeing or setting? Drop us a comment and let us know!