Happy National Surf & Turf Day!

February 28, 2024

Happy National Surf & Turf Day (they really do have a holiday for everything)! Surf & Turf -or Reef & Beef- is the classic combination of red meat (typically beef) and seafood, making this more of a treat meal than a weekday staple. 

With Surf & Turf, the possibilities are endless! Read on for some of our favorite combinations: 

Now that you’ve decided on your combination, it’s time to get grilling! Read on for our favorite tips and tricks for Surf & Turf success. 

  • Have your GrillGrates rails up for sear marks on your steak and for the perfect sear on your fish. As long as you have your grates nice and hot, you don’t need to worry about your fish sticking. 
  • When serving Surf & Turf, use your largest dinner plates or a serving platter. This will help the presentation not look too crowded while leaving plenty of room for your steak, fish and sides. 
  • Serve your red meat and fish portions side by side, and use a single sauce to unite the two with flavor. We love a lemon-butter based sauce with our Surf and Turf.