Gift Guide for Grillers

December 8, 2016

Grate Holiday Gift Ideas for your Griller from GrillGrate

Being in the grilling industry is tough business! We get exposed to so many cool products it’s hard to try them all. Our industry is especially innovative and much of the action is from entrepreneurial efforts. American ingenuity is the theme of this gift list for your griller! With that in mind here’s a list to get you thinking about how to delight your griller and yourself!

Get Another Grill. Yep that’s right, you can never really have too many grills. The average backyard griller now owns 2.5 grills up from 1 grill less than 10 years ago. But who is an average griller?

Why you really need a pellet grill. If a pellet grill is not in your grill collection you know your next move! Everyone should own a pellet grill. Pellets are the new gas! Burning pellets emit true wood smoke as opposed to burning charcoal. I resisted a grill with a plug for too long, but once I put a pellet grill on my deck I realized what a fabulous trifecta it is:

  • Push button ease of use, no more tweaking vents to dial in a temperature and babysitting a long cook.
  • True wood smoke, this was the biggest aha for me. That luxurious smoke that powers the grill provides great flavor and is a huge flavor advantage over gas or charcoal.
  • Amazing versatility for both low and slow and grilling. Pellet grills combine the best of gas and charcoal – they deliver true wood fire grilling and smoking.

The RecTec Pellet Grill leads the pack in sexy!

The RecTec Pellet Grill  is a sexy, superb design coupled with innovative Smart Grill Technology with advanced  smoke control features.  $998


Grilla– One of the newer entrants on the pellet scene with a unique design and smart innovations.  $799.00

Yoder Smoker’s YS640 – is the leader in pro-sumer segment.  Made in USA.   The YS640 offers a direct fire option for high heat grilling and large capacity for big cooks.  $1499

Here are a couple of other innovative grills that are blazing new trails. If you have a camper or outdoors-man in the family the Biolite Base Camp is revolutionary and truly changing the world.


The Biolite has become a transforming product in countries where people still cook outside over open fire. It’s efficient, nearly smokeless, and it generates electricity! Less pollution, more efficient cooking and a USB port to power a light or charge a device! BioLite is not just for developing countries it’s also for the discerning outdoorsman too.  $299

Pit Barrel Cooker

Another grill that has transformed the landscape is Pit Barrel Cooker. Even though drum cookers precede the modern grill, Pit Barrel innovated the concept of hanging food over an open fire. This amazingly simple concept has swept the grilling and smoking nation.  $299

Accessorize your Griller!

Souping up your grill is another great way to get more out of your grill. The Weber Kettle in particular has seen a bunch of innovative accessories and add-ons. Three in particular have earned enthusiastic followings and make great gifts for Kettle owners.

Slow N Sear

SlowNSear  A charcoal basket coupled with a water tray turns any kettle into a precision low n slow cooker.   $89

Fire Butler

Fire Butler has created a very versatile set of inserts for the Kettle- part wok, griddle and fire management system.  $149

Kettle Pizza

Kettle Pizza

turns your kettle into a true woodfire pizza oven.  Easily reach 800F temps for perfect crust and properly cooked toppings.  $199

Even gas grills can be souped up!


Bakerstone  is a pizza box for gas grills that delivers consistent high temperatures and pizzas cook in 3-4 minutes.  $129

Speaking of souping up! Sous vide cooking is one of the hottest segments this holiday season and nothing is hotter than the new Joule from ChefSteps.

JouleControlled by your smart phone just put Joule in a pot with some water. Put your food and some seasoning in a plastic bag and cook it slowly in the water to the precise done temperature. Finish with a nice quick sear when its dinner time and the results will make Joule your next kitchen essential. Joule and GrillGrates are like peas and carrots!  $199

Give the Gift of Meathead!

Meathead The Book

Knowledge is power (and it’s sexy) and no one delivers more knowledge on the subject of BBQ and grilling than Meathead!

Meathead’s book is now a NY Times Best Seller!   It’s a perfect gift!  Psst don’t tell anyone but that is what we are giving as gifts this year!  $21.99

Meathead In Paradise

How about a gifting your griller a trip to grill and chill with Meathead in the Bahamas? Join us for four days of grilling and grilling on Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas for the GrillGrate 10 year anniversary party featuring Meathead!  We’ve planned a couple of great beach grilling excursions as well as some great grilling at the Green Turtle Club.  There is room for about 10 more people.  We are limiting the group size to 80 people.  approx. $1500 -$2000 per person.

Happy Holidays!  Grrrrrate Grilling Ahead!

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