Top Gifts for Your Griller

November 4, 2021

Unique Christmas Gifts for Grillers

“We find ourselves immersed in the grilling lifestyle and all that goes with it. What follows is a collection of our favorite gear and gadgets for grilling!”

Peace, Love, Barbecue

17th Street BBQ — A classic from a legend. This 2005 book is a celebration of life and friends. Mike Mills and his daughter Amy chronicle their amazing relationships from their lifelong BBQ Journey. If you could only own one BBQ book, this would be it. RIP Mike Mills. You will always be a legend!   Gift one today >


Whiskey Balls

The Original Whiskey Ball — Is it time to get some balls? Ice balls, that is. These are even monogrammed with various sizes and shapes. Anyone who enjoys a snort will enjoy it more with an ice ball. See how they work >


Flavor Injector

All Things BBQ — If your griller doesn’t own an injector, this an ideal gift. It’s not just for “flavorizing” meats — think boozy strawberries injected with dark rum! Learn more >


Temp N Time Thermometer

GrillGrate — Does your instant read tell time? If not, it might be time to upgrade to the Temp & Time Thermometer. Every time the probe is closed a count-up timer starts. Knowing elapsed time is almost as important as temperature.
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Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Grilla — Has your griller been especially good this year? Reward them with an easily configured modular outdoor kitchen from our friends at Grilla Grills.
See specs and get the details >



Phone Holder

GrillGrate — Buy two or three of these as a great gift, especially if you have children. Hold your phone for perfect viewing of recipes, Zoom calls, videos and more. This item is a permanent fixture in our kitchen.
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Head Lamp

BioLite — We’ve tried dozens of grill lights over the years, and none delivered or lasted very long. Nothing compares to a headlamp. We’re fans of the BioLite headlamp – it’s not the cheapest, but ti is the best! 2 Versions available.
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European Blend Spice

Tina Cannon Cooks — We said we were not going to feature any spices, sauces, or rubs, but Tina Cannon’s European Blend is “that good” and “that different.” Your griller doesn’t have anything like this in their spice rack! Tina gathered her inspiration from spice shops in Paris.
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Southern Farms Honey

Southern Farms — Tina Cannon brought this phenomenal company to our attention. Think local honey with a twist, flavors such as cinnamon pecan, chocolate cinnamon. Use as a topping on everything from apples to ice cream.
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Craft Beer Gift Boxes

Tavour — Grilling is better with beer and even better with craft beer. So get your griller craft beer delivered from Tavour, America’s largest craft beer delivery service. They have cool gift boxes too!
See their gift boxes >