5 Tools That Will Improve Your Camp Grilling

October 19, 2018

5 Tools That Will Improve Your Camp Grilling Experience 


As summer enters full swing, campers, RV’ers, rockclimbers and adventurers leave the homefront and go toe-to-toe with the great outdoors. Hunting big game across the lush woodlands of Montana, river-boating through Florida’s moonlit swamps, or just enjoying toasted marshmallows with the family; this is the time of year outdoor lovers head for the hills. 

Fact is, grillers love cooking beyond the backyard. According to the Weber Grill Watch, a staggering 58% of all grill owners enjoy grilling away from home. And yet for all the time, money, and energy we spend on assembling the perfect camping experience, the grill always remains a perpetual pain in the rear. Food is either burned or under cooked. Dad’s old camp grill doesn’t cook hot enough or one greasy mistake sends dinner up in flames .But thanks to innovations in modern grilling it doesn’t have to be that way. 

We’ve assembled a list of the 5 best tools to supercharge your camp grilling experience by preventing burning, increasing flavor, and just making the process easier. Let’s get started.


1) GrillGrates

This one is a no brainer. Built from hard anodized aluminum and made in the USA, GrillGrates are the industry standard in burn prevention and gourmet grilling on the go. The grates work by spreading uneven grill flames across it’s surface while acting as a shield against flare-ups caused by dripping grease. Put simply, this means food will be cooked evenly no matter where it is on the grill WITHOUT burning. Crazy right?

Not only that, but GrillGrates can be used on almost ANY grill or even no grill at all. Below are just some of the more popular portable grills that work with GrillGrates. 

Weber Go Anywhere

Camp Grilling Weber Go AnywhereAppropriately called the “Gold Standard in Outdoor Grilling,” the Weber Go Anywhere is by far the most popular portable grill in the world. This little beauty thrives on campgrounds, in RV’s, and well…anywhere.

If the Go Anywhere is the Gold Standard, then the Go Anywhere with GrillGrates {inbound link} turns that Gold into Platinum. You can cook longer, hotter, and faster with less char and more taste. It’s a fact. If you have a Go Anywhere you’ve got to get GrillGrates.

Camp Chef

GrillGrates for Camp ChefNo name in the business is more synonymous with camp grilling than Camp Chef. With hundreds of products built specifically for outdoorsy types, it’s no surprise that Camp Chef has some of the most innovative grills on the market.

GrillGrates and Camp Chef go together like graham crackers and chocolate. Even some of their more niche products like the Lumberjack [A handy firepit grill] and the Tripod [an extremely cool adjustable hanging grate] are supercharged with GrillGrates. GrillGrates protect food from flames and flare-ups and deliver beautiful restaurant quality sear marks.

Like we said: No brainer.


Camp Grilling Biotite Set

If you haven’t heard of Biolite grills you need to check them out as soon as possible. Not only does Biolite efficiently burn sticks and wood, it generates electricity via a USB turbine that spins in the heat. You can actually charge your phone or run a light while you’re cooking. These guys have won worldwide acclaim for their eco friendly product line and are making some serious waves in the outdoor grilling community.

With GrillGrates, Biolite products keep that same eco-friendly attitude but can now generate far hotter surfaces and even juicier food. Save the earth, grill more, burn less. Doesn’t get much better than that. 


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2) Meat Thermometer

I know what you’re thinking. Why do I need a thermometer for camp grilling? To quote legendary BBQ master and founder of AmazingRibs.com, Meathead Goldwyn, “Grilling without a thermometer is like driving without a speedometer.”

If you want your meat to be as succulent, juicy, and grilled to perfection as possible you NEED a thermometer, and the PT-100 is by far the best thermometer on the market for serious outdoor chefs.

The PT100 is built for rugged cooking. The hard rubber coated exterior will keep it out of harm’s way. Add in unparalleled temperature accuracy and a backlit view-screen perfect for cooking at night, you’ve got every outdoorsman’s dream cooking accessory.


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3) Gloves

This may seem simplistic, but grilling outdoors without gloves is like grilling with a hand tied behind your back. How many times have you had to dance around an open flame with a pair of tongs trying to keep your fingers from getting burned? I’ve lost count.

Remembering to throw a great grilling glove into the camping supplies bag will save you a world of pain, frustration, and time.

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4) Professional Cooking Tongs

Everybody has a pair of tongs. But very few people have a pair of GREAT tongs. One of the most critical aspects of outdoor grilling is grabbing, flipping, turning, and serving your food without dropping it in the dirt or breaking it into tiny, ugly pieces.

Enter the GrateTongs. Unlike traditional tongs, these bad boys have a three-pronged flat-surface gripping mechanism that allows you to get under the food easily without dropping, crushing, or balancing. Not only do the GrateTongs give you the perfect flip every time, but it takes all the anxiety out of serving those steaks you labored over. Nothing ruins a great meal like grass on the meat.


Feel like taking food flippery to the next level? Snag a pair of Grate Tongs!

Camp Grilling Skillet

5) SkilletGrate

No camper worth his salt would be caught dead without his trusty skillet. Skillets cook everything that would normally fall between grill slats like eggs, bacon, and vegetables.

The SkilletGrate is a fantastic and functional tool that turns your skillet into a restaurant quality grill. Want to cook a beautiful steak with perfect sear marks and mouthwatering flavor without the grease that clings to the bottom of a pan? SkilletGrate is the way to do it. The Grate elevates the steak above the fat while preserving the taste and flavor by conducting heat through it’s aluminum surface. If you’re the type to wield a skillet on the go, then this thing is going to change your life. 

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Want even more information about camp grilling, outdoor cooking, and GrillGrates? Check out Beyond the Backyard for details on how to grill outdoors like a pro. 

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Happy Grilling!