America is on the Move!

July 27, 2021

Take Your GrillGrates With You! 

We all know that 2020 was essentially a lost year. COVID-19 and the restrictions that came with it made traveling difficult if not all together impossible. And what travel we were able to squeeze in was masked, sanitized and entirely stressful. Thankfully in 2021 we are making up for lost time and hitting the road again!  

Last year when we were all stuck at home, consumers set records buying grills and grilling accessories to cook better food for their families. Backyards were redesigned into outdoor space oases. We found refuge around the grill as grilling helped us maintain a small slice of normalcy in an otherwise crazy time.  

So what does Summer of 2021 look like so far?  

When we’re home, we’re entertaining again!  We’re having friends and family over for great meals and catching up.  We’re also showing off the spaces and new grill skills we learned in 2020. But we’re also on the move again. ALL of America is! Vacation rental websites like VRBO and Airbnb have seen surges in traffic as families are finally taking vacations again.  

But just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you can’t GRILLGRATE.  Our owner Brad reaches out to his vacation rentals ahead of time to make sure:  

  1. That they have a grill? (No grill = no rental)
  2. What brand and model it is so he can bring the appropriate GrillGrates? 

Brad’s family descended onto Vero Beach this last Christmas for a week of grilling, chilling and celebrating together.  Of course he had to have GrillGrates at the rental.  

Do you know a GrillGrate Fan that longs to bring their grates on the road? The Complete Grill & BBQ Gift Set includes everything you need for GRATE grilling on the go. Plus when you’re done (and your GrillGrates are cool) you can pop everything into this handy carrying bag to take to your next destination. The gift set includes a 3 panel set of 15” GrillGrates, Grate Tool, Grate valley Brush, Probe Thermometer, Meat Temperature Magnet, Duck Fat, Boars Night Out White Lightening and of course, the two pocket carrying bag.  


If you happen to find yourself at a rental without a grill, GrillGrates work well on a number of portable grills as well. Below are some of our favorite portable grills, and the GrillGrates that make them SING. 

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At the park or the beach with no grill at all?? No problem! As long as you’ve got your GrillGrates you can grill! Check out Chef Jonathan Ellis who brought his GrillGrates to the beach. 

After digging a pit in the sand, and filling it with hot charcoal, Chef Jonathan places his grates across the logs that border the charcoal pit. Then he “fills the grill” with all the fixings of a gourmet meal.  

We love his ingenuity to entertain on the fly. 

The final outcome is impressive – you’d be hard pressed to get a meal, or a view, this great at any restaurant! 

The setting may change but the idea is the same – you only need GrillGrates to GRILL GREAT. 

GrillGrate. Eat Well.

– Meagan