GrillGrate Griddling from A-Z

April 26, 2021

Griddling is the hottest trend in grilling and not just with outdoor grills, but indoor griddling is hot too. That comes as no surprise to us here at GrillGrate. People have been flipping their GrillGrates over and grilling on the flat side for years. Griddling on the flat side of GrillGrates led us to create the GrillGrate Griddle several years ago. The GrillGrate Griddle is possibly the most flexible product in the GrillGrate line-up. Simply place on the existing grid of any outdoor grill, or inside a conventional oven or smart oven.

With the GrillGrate Griddle, the possibilities are endless from eggs and breakfast meats to stuffed salmon, scallops, pizza and more. The GrillGrate Griddle is more effective and more versatile than pizza stones, ceramics or heavy-gauge steel baking plates. Like GrillGrates, the GrillGrate Griddle is super conductive, it transfers heat fast and evenly to the food. Bread bakers have found that the Griddle is ideal for baking too.

Griddles come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some are permanent fixtures like Blackstone outdoor flat tops while others are heavy duty add-ons to existing grills. The GrillGrate Griddle is lightweight, easy to use and simple to clean up when you are done.

And one more thing about the GrillGrate Griddle, it makes an excellent defrost plate too. Defrost frozen foods in half the time.

Isn’t it time you added a GrillGrate Griddle to your grilling arsenal?

GrillGrate. Eat Well.

– Brad