GrillGrates Improve Couples Love Life!

June 25, 2013

We love getting feedback like this!  From Mike B. in CA

“60 years on the Planet, and 33 of them with the same Babe who has endlessly lamented the absence of nice uniform grill marks on her BBQ like she gets in the fancy steak houses. Then came my beloved Grill Grates. I waited 6 months to write you folks, after cooking EVERYTHING except Pizza. 33 years and the wife finally… truly… loves me totally. She has her perfect grill marks every time and even better, perfect steaks, ribs, chops, burgers, chicken (whole or part) and… so far everything else I have cooked. We have both enjoyed a literal change in our lifestyle because of Grill Grates, so we are building a 6′ x 12′ covered and windowed BBQ patio onto the house that has the grill opposite a window in the kitchen so we can cook 24/7-365 and hand the raw and cooked meals through the window, rain or shine! We cook our breakfast sausage on the Grill Grates… start slow, (off the flame) and then crisp over the flame. Real sausage casings will snap in your mouth like a rubber band. Bacon only gets slow cooked on Grill Grates at our house. No more messy pans or stove to clean, and the end results put a pan or Jenn Air to total shame. Grill Grates are by far and away one of the best darn BBQ inventions ever. Who would have thought Grill Grates could improve your love life?”
We’re sending Mike a GrillGrate T shirt and looking forward to seeing a picture of him at the grill through their new BBQ window!
GrillGrate, Eat Well Mike! Thanks for writing!