DennyMike’s Rubs For All Set


DennyMike’s Rubs For All Set

DennyMike’s Rubs For All Set




DennyMike’s gift packs are perfect for givin’ and gettin’…supah delish, and bursting with authentic DennyMike’s flavor that you and yours will absolutely love!

Includes: All 5 – 7oz. rubs in a very comely gift box, and a gift that keeps on giving!

Seasoning’s Included:

Chick Magnet®

Our Southwest style seasoning makes all poultry come alive on the barbie, and is absolutely superb in the smoker, #Instant Pot, #Crock Pot, and any other way you prepare your food. And, you won’t believe what it does for grilled portobellos…! But, don’t get to thinking it’s just for all things fowl, ‘cuz it’s great in stews, casseroles, veggies and salads and dips. And, did I mention tofu?  Just don’t forget to spray, sprinkle spray y’all! 🙂

Pixie Dust®

What can I say…?This is quite simply THE BEST  all-around seasoning for absolutely anything needing a boost; Pixie Dust is our best seller for a reason and I know one taste will convince you why. Enhances everything from salmon to tofu, and everything in between; and you’re in for a real treat when you sprinkle some on a nice ripe avocado, I mean YOWZA! Use generously whether grilling, roasting, broiling or barbecuing beef, poultry, fish or game. Outstanding in chili, stews, and beans. Try lightly spraying some canola or olive oil on your chips and popcorn and sprinkle some Pixie Dust on, and you’ll never go back to your old ways; and use it when you’re making your dips, too…I mean!
A curiously piquant blend with just a hint of citrus, along with a delicate finish of dill. M-M-M! Pairs well with most fresh and saltwater fish, plus it’s wicked tasty on scallops and shrimp, too! But don’t forget your garden, because Fintastic pairs beautifully with grilled veggies of all kinds, and is especially tasty on grilled or steamed asparagus. Also, be sure to try it when making pickles with your fresh pickling cukes, or anything else from your garden…fabuloso!
Sublime Swine®
I put this rub in the realm of the perfect Carolina/ Tennessee/Kentucky blend for finger-lickin’ goodness. A little touch of Hickory, a sprinkling of turbinado sugar and the perfect snap of cayenne make this the no-brainer go-to on shoulders, butts and ribs whether you slow cook in a crockpot or in your smoker. #Instant Pots and air fryers, too! Oh, and some wicked good on steak and chicken, too…I’ll tell you what! Guaranteed to bring your baby backs and loin roasts to a whole ‘nutha level!
Cow Bell Hell®
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