GrillGrate Set for the Kamado Joe Classic

(6 Reviews)


GrillGrate Set for the Kamado Joe Classic

GrillGrate Set for the Kamado Joe Classic


(6 Reviews)


Grill & Grate Cleaning Combo

The Stainless Steel Grate Valley Grill Brush

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The Best Grilling Accessory You’ll Ever Buy for your Kamado Joe Classic.

Nobody wants a burnt or dry meal. Flare-ups can quickly ruin any backyard cookout. At GrillGrate, we believe that grilling should be easy, fun, and stress-free – every time. All you need is GrillGrates for your grill.

GrillGrates deliver more control and flexibility to charcoal grills. They act as a flame shield allowing more direct grilling at higher temperatures. GrillGrates for charcoal grills are used on top of the existing surface. Made of hard anodized aluminum, they never rust. GrillGrates are reversible, interlocking panels, giving you two grill surfaces in one. Even out those hot and cold spots with GrillGrates and produce juicier, more flavorful food. Here’s how:

  • Non-stick Hard Anodized Aluminum Interlocking Panels
  • Two-in-One Surface; Rails Side Up for Traditional Grilling & Flat Side for Flat Top Griddling
  • Rust Resistant Material


  • Faster cooking
  • Simpler grilling with better results
  • Reduced flare-ups
  • Versatility
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Light and transportable

Your Grill, But Better. As opposed to traditional grill surfaces that merely just hold the food above the heat source, GrillGrates concentrate heat through the patented raised rail design cooking food faster and more evenly. GrillGrate’s air flow vents and flat side work together to trap grease, prevent charring, and block those pesky flare-ups that tend to engulf and dry out food. When we say better, juicier food every time – we mean it! It is central to the innovative design of this grate. The sizzling-hot valleys vaporize drippings and juices, retaining moisture and enhancing flavor.

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Shipping & Returns


Want to make the most of your Kamado grill?

GrillGrates are your secret weapon for easy, stress-free and fun kamado grilling. More control and flexibility are two reasons why kamado grillers call GrillGrates an essential accessory for GrillMasters. Reversible, interlocking panels sit on top of your existing grates, acting as a flame shield to allow for protected, direct grilling at higher temperatures. The non-stick hard anodized aluminum grates even out hot and cold spots, help you gain control of your entire cooking surface, and produce juicier, more flavorful food. See our top techniques for making the best of these features here.

QUICK TIP: We do NOT recommend covering the entire surface of your Kamado with GrillGrates, as they could trap too much heat. This is why you'll notice our Kamado sets are made to accessorize the existing grill surface, not replace it.

BONUS: Use GrillGrates rails up for traditional grilling, or flip them over for masterful flat top griddling. When you're done cooking on GrillGrates, cleaning your grill surface is easier than ever.

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Never burn a steak again. The flame shield eliminates flare-ups. And the raised rails deliver the perfect sear.


GrillGrates can be configured to your needs. Create independent heat zones by separating the grates. Even flip over for an instant griddle!


Made from anodized aluminum, these grates will never rust out. When properly seasoned, they are non-stick and easy to clean.

(6) Reviews

  1. Ricky P. (verified owner)

    I’ve been grilling a long time. this is a component that I’ve been missing.

    Image #1 from Ricky P.
  2. Tom Hilton (verified owner)

    So far, so good. Seems to be a very well made product, after only one cook, they seem to work great! I do need to figure out how to keep them attached better, but I think I can get that worked out. They are a great company and a pleasure to work with.

  3. Daniel Sullivan

    I use this everytime I do steaks, Tomahawks or tritip and I get compliments on how good and professional the meat looks, not to mention the sear is perfect and taste great

    Image #1 from Daniel Sullivan
    Image #2 from Daniel Sullivan
  4. Jerry Millwood

    I learned about GrillGrates from watching Next with Dave. He was right- they’re great. I like them so much I am going to order a set for my new Weber gas grill. They do make food taste better.

  5. Ouzel

    I have the original KJ Classic. The Grillgrate is an excellent fit, and heat distribution with all 3 sections in place. It is possible to remove middle section and drop the outside 2 sections to the lower level of grill for high heat searing.

  6. Keith Johnson

    I purchased this item to go with my Kamado Joe Classic grill to help produce some awesome food coming off of the grill.

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