Grilling Essentials Gift Sets

(10 Reviews)


Grilling Essentials Gift Sets

Grilling Essentials Gift Sets


(10 Reviews)




Grilling Essentials Gift Set

Everything you need to start grilling Grate! A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys grilling.

Available in 5 different GrillGrate sizes- 15″, 16.25″, 17.375″, 18.5″ and 19.25″

Gift Set Includes:

Shipping & Returns
Shipping & Returns

(10) Reviews

  1. David Davis

    Makes my gas grill like it has inferred burners! Love the Restaurant quality sear marks and food appearance.

  2. Anonymous

    Quality American made product. The grates cut the flare ups from grease and sears meat and fish to keep in the moisture. Easy to keep clean and the wire brush will never leave pieces of metal on the grill.

  3. Anonymous

    Turned my old Vermont Castings into a new grill! Cooked porch chops last night turned out perfect, appearance and taste. Was amazed at only having to have on low. Can’t wait to try some burgers tonight.
    Such a great product, think of the Eco friendliness of not having to buy a new BBQ!

  4. Shawn

    I was so discouraged with my Kenmore Elite grill’s uneven heating and terrible flare ups that I was about to go spend $400 on a Weber. In looking at reviews of the Webers I ran across Grill Grates and decided to try them. I got the size that would fit the Weber I’d decided on in case they didn’t make my old grill user friendly. Luckily, the sizes were the same for either grill. I’ve only used the grill grates once but I had no flare ups and was able to cook my burgers using the entire grill instead of the one little corner I was used to using. I bought the package deal that came with the thermometer and spatula. I think it was a great purchase and the grates do exactly what they say they will. So far, I’m keeping my old Kenmore grill that I’ve not been happy with since it was new five years ago and hoping to get a few more years out of it before I retire it. Thank you Grill Grates for keeping my Kenmore out of the landfill.

  5. Len C.

    I grilled a lot before and year round even in -40^c weather here in Winnipeg (in the garage with the door open) but with the addition of GrillGrates at the beginning of this summer I have literally grilled every day! My steaks were always raved about but now they rated higher than our 5 star steak house here in town by family and guests alike. I have switched to the reverse sear method and bring the internal temperature up to 130^F before searing to make the grill marks and crisp the outside ever so slightly.

    Everything in this kit is top notch and I’m teased by my wife when BBQing because the thermometer hangs around my next like a prized necklace!!

  6. fred johnson

    One of the few products I have purchased that will do what they say. Bought my brother a set and he loves it. This is my second set. One 3 piece 13.75 for old grille and new set for large green egg. They don’t fit as snug as I thought they would but they work great.

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