Sear’NSizzle® GrillGrate for the Jet Boil Camp Stove


Sear’NSizzle® GrillGrate for the Jet Boil Camp Stove

Sear’NSizzle® GrillGrate for the Jet Boil Camp Stove



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8.75″ Diameter Grate for the Jet Boil Camp Stove!

Care & Cleaning Basics:

  • Do not clean GrillGrates or GrateGriddle in the dishwasher, dishwasher detergent is caustic and will pit aluminum cookware
  • Soak GrillGrates or GrateGriddle in mild dish soap such as Dawn
  • Use scrubbie or steel wool to remove debris and grease
  • The GrillGrates or Griddle cleans easily and will develop enhanced non-stick properties with use
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Shipping & Returns


The magic equation:

GrillGrates + camping = Carefree grilling and juicier food!

Going camping doesn't have to mean a diet of baked beans and eggs. You can have a steakhouse quality meal anywhere in the world with GrillGrates! Our camping products can be used over an open fire pit or on top of a portable camp stove, tripod, or communal campsite grill. Our reversible, hard anodized aluminum grates lock in flavor by vaporizing moisture and heating food evenly in its own natural, juicy steam. The direct heat delivered by our patented raised rail design easily locks moisture and flavor into your food - where it should be. Looking for the best ways to grill anywhere? Click here to learn our top techniques

BONUS: Use GrillGrates rails up for traditional grilling, or flip them over for masterful flat top griddling. When you're done cooking on GrillGrates, cleaning your grill surface is easier than ever.

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Never burn a steak again. And the raised rails deliver the perfect sear, time after time.


GrillGrates can be configured to your needs. Even flip over for an instant griddle!


Made from anodized aluminum, these grates will never rust out. When properly seasoned, they are non-stick and easy to clean.


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