Sear’NSizzle® GrillGrate Bundle for the Foodi Smart GRILL XL



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Product Description

Everything you need to get grillin’ in your Foodi Smart Grill XL and many other rectangular oven and air crispers!


  • 13″ x 8.25″ Grate
    • 13″ x 8.25″ with 4 mitre cut corner GrillGrate fits the Foodi Smart Grill XL and many other rectangular ovens and air crispers
    • Hard anodized aluminum is super conductive and naturally nonstick
    • Raised rails deliver searing and efficiently transfer heat into the food
    • Valleys sizzle juices for that unmistakable grilled flavor
    • Reversible – grill rails up or use as a griddle flipped over to the flat side
    • These Grates were cut by hand to get them into the market fast and in time for the holidays. We’ve deburred the edges. The cut edge is unanodized and will not affect the cooking surface. There may be minor scratches, but they are only cosmetic. The industry term is coining. You can’t feel them, and they have no impact on the cook or cleanability.
    • At MAX Temps you will see very fast cook times and significant carry-over cooking. Adjust your cook times and temps accordingly and pull your food 5-10 degrees less than your target temps.
    • Don’t forget- NO Dishwasher as the detergents are caustic and can pit your SNS Grate
  • Combo Tongs
  • Scrubbie cleaning brush
  • Grate Wipes
  • Plastic Scraper 

Setup Basics:

  • Use GrillGrates either on the grill insert or with the insert removed and placed in the bottom.
  • For best results, run at max heat (level 5) 
  • Use canola oil, Duck Fat Spray, or Grate Wipes to season for the first few uses

Care & Cleaning Basics:

  • Do not clean GrillGrates in the dishwasher, dishwasher detergent is caustic and will pit aluminum cookware
  • Soak GrillGrates in mild dish soap such as Dawn
  • Use scrubbie or steel wool to remove debris and grease

GrillGrates clean easily and will develop enhanced non-stick properties with use


  • Weight: 66 oz
  • Width: 15 in
  • Depth: 5 in
  • Height: 10 in

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