We Want YOU in the Next GrillGrate TV Commercial

September 4, 2013

Grab some grate video and win grate gifts! Nothing fancy or produced, just YOU telling us what you love about GrillGrates, your favorite food, a tip, what you won??? (That means YOU our steak champion friends!)

Simple Rules: Just video of YOU at YOUR GRILL with GrillGrates! Show us Your GrateTool!  etc.

Just grab your phone or video camera and answer 1 or more of these questions:
  1. We just want YOU to be YOU!
    What do you tell a friend about GrillGrates?
  2. What is your favorite feature?
  3. How long have you been using GrillGrates?
  4. Any awards and accolades?
  5. At some point please clearly state your full name  (very important)
MAX 2:00 Minutes 20 to 30 seconds is just grate!

We want to feature 5-7 grate customers in the 2014 GrillGrate TV commercial. This year’s TV spotaired 5200 times April thru August. Our neighbors did a grate job acting out a flareup, and for the 3rd year Mike Mills of17th Street Barbecue anchors the spot. We love Mike! Everyone loves Mike!  

We want YOU! In the 2014 GrillGrate commercial.  DEADLINE to Enter 12/1/13
Submit via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, email etc. 

ALL ENTRIES receive a new product!   
Grate Tongs of course!
( coming Oct 1)
Those appearing in the TV spot will receive a $200 gift certificate from Omaha Steaks!
We Want YOU!
We want you Lorraine!

We want YOU Maurice!