3 Ways to Grill Salmon

August 31, 2021

Salmon is the ideal fish for grilling. Its sturdy flesh holds together well on the grill – especially with GrillGrates or the GrillGrate Griddle. Salmon is packaged in numerous ways. Most warehouse clubs package salmon in large half sections which you can portion at home. You can purchase salmon with or without skin, we prefer either. Many fish departments in supermarkets carry marinated, seasoned, and stuffed salmon. For a few dollars more, you can purchase specialty salmon from regions around the country.

This blog covers 3 different ways to grill salmonSalmon has been in our weekly grill rotation for years and as a good steak, we enjoy perfectly grilled salmon regularly.

Speaking of steak- our favorite way to grill salmon is hot and fast just like a steakSalmon also stands up to bold seasoningsOur favorite is Denny Mike’s Fintastic.

Hot & Fast isn’t just for steaks – get that grill and your grates screaming hot and slap your salmon on there. You can even go flesh side down when you’re grilling on GrillGrates. We love seasoning generously with Denny Mike’s Fintastic 

Marinated, Grilled Salmon is a great way to add bold flavors such as teriyaki. With GrillGrates, there’s no concern of setting your dinner ablaze with sugary, flammable marinades. 

Crab Cake Stuffed Salmon is incredible and filling! We pick these up at a warehouse club (you can get them just about anywhere fish is sold) and keep them in the freezer or when we’re having friends over for dinner.  

Add grilled salmon to your weekly dinner plans, you won’t be disappointed! 

GrillGrate. Eat Well.