Grill[GRATE] Lamb for Easter

April 12, 2022

The beauty of lamb is the wide variety of cuts and flavors that are available. Spring is lamb season and Easter is the holiday to indulge. Whatever cut you select, lamb is better on the grill! 

First things first, what cut will you choose? 

The last time we were at our local Kroger, we were impressed, if not even slightly overwhelmed with all the lamb options available in the meat department.  

  • Leg of Lamb – whole, half, and even pre-seasoned! 
  • Lamb Steaks 
  • Lamb Chops 

If you’re lucky enough to live near a good butcher, you’re likely to have even more variety to choose from. But what cut is best? 


Here is a Cuts of Lamb guide from the American Lamb Board.

It does a great job of outlining the cuts with pictures, explaining taste and texture and even providing links to a multitude of recipes for every cut.  










Our Favorite Lamb Recipes 

We have a number of lamb recipes on our website. Everything from ground lamb kebabs (perfect for a summertime dinner party with friends) to lamb sliders to a reverse seared leg of lamb.  

Being that Easter tends to be a more formal, sit-down sort of dinner, we’ve hand-picked our 3 best recipes for the holiday. 


We love this “Prep Ahead Option” of Grilled Marinated Lamb Chops. Easy to grill and easier to serve! Perfect for a more casual Easter dinner.

Impress your friends by getting a couple of Racks of Lamb and Precision Searing them on Your GrillGrates. Stand them up against one another to sear every side!

Got some tough critics, I mean, your in-laws coming over? This Reverse Seared Boneless Leg of Lamb is sure to wow any dinner guest.


All About Lamb
If you have a minute and you’re interested, the American Lamb board has a phenomenal website that is packed with all sorts of valuable information about cooking techniques, wine pairings and even an ACF (American Culinary Federation) Accredited Curriculamb 
It includes a downloadable lesson plan, slides and even a quiz that can be submitted for ACF Continuing Education Credits upon completion.  
We love their willingness to share their knowledge and love of lamb with the world. All for FREE. When do you ever see that anymore? 
We hope you’re inspired to make some amazing lamb this Easter, and of course, we hope you grill it.  
GrillGrate. Eat Well. Happy Easter.