Grilling Breakfast is Fun, Fast, and Easy

November 12, 2021

Nothing shows off the versatility of GrillGrates more than grilling breakfast. Flip some or all GrillGrates over and channel your inner short-order cook! When friends and family are home for the holidays start the day with a grraaaate grilled breakfast. Breakfast meats are simple, fast, and easy on the flat side. Move the meats off the heat and bring on the eggs, pancakes, French toast, and more!
– Favorite Breakfast Meats: Bacon, Ham, Sausage Links & Patties
– Eggs
– Favorite Breakfast Main: Biscuits (canned), pancakes, french toast, etc
– Hashbrown patties

Here’s more breakfast recipes you can grill:

GrillGrate. Eat Well. Grill Yummy Breakfast.