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How to Build a DIY Camp Grill on the Go

Posted by Chad Sanderson on

Beyond the BackYard

Learn how to build your own camp grill from scratch and have the ability to Grill Grate Everywhere!

It’s always a problem. You only own one grill but love to camp, hike, and fish. While your trusty Weber always gets the job done at home, it means tender chicken breasts, seared steaks, and fire-roasted hamburgers are off the menu when you’re communing with nature.

How surprised would you be to learn you can still grill like a champ WITHOUT the grill? (If you read the headline to this article, probably not that surprised).

Turns out grilling without a grill is easier than most people would think. All you need is some wood, a set of GrillGrates, the GrateTool, a lighter, and a shovel (or just a pair of hands if you prefer getting down and dirty).


Step 1

Pick a location clear of fire hazards, including overhanging trees. Dig a hole to hold your hot coals. Make sure it is deep enough that the GrillGrates would be above the coals by around 3-4 inches when placed on top.

Step 2

Water the surrounding area to prevent fire from spreading.

Step 3

Place wood or stone placeholders on each side of the hole in order to give the GrillGrates a level, study, surface to cook over. Try using big logs or hardwoods if possible.

Step 4

Light your fire. Wait until the flames have died down and you have hot coals.

Step 5

Interlock the GrillGrates and place them across the hole.

Step 6

Wait 5-7 minutes for the GrillGrates to get hot before cooking.

Step 7

Cook away! Your DIY camp grill is finished. Now you’re ready to enjoy restaurant quality food on the beach, in the mountains, or even right outside your own home.

Step 8

Make sure your fire is safely put out before leaving the site. 

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Happy Grilling!

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