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Friday Night Steak Club


For many of us Friday Night is Steak Night. Who doesn't enjoying grilling & eating a steak after a long work week? With that inspiration, we formed The Friday Night Steak Club™. Learn techniques, win great products, grill great steaks & meet great people.

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Malcom Reed
Malcom Reed, Killer Hogs

Malcom Reed is like a switch hitting all-star. He is a pro in the BBQ world and now he is a multiple winner in the Steak Cookoff Circuit. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to see all of his killer videos. Check him out below on these two grate videos!

How To Cook An SCA Ribeye

How To Reverse Sear A Tomahawk Steak


3 techniques

Hot and Fast

Straight out the refrigerator, cold to a hot grill. Check out our blog for a deeper dive into the hot and fast method of grilling steaks and why Kingsford briquettes are our fuel of choice.


Is a low roast followed by a hot sear.  Ideal for thicker steaks and to achieve bumper to bumper done-ness.  You can reverse sear on a gas grill too- watch this video to learn how.

Sous Vide

Slow cooking food in a water bath has long been popular in fine restaurants.  Now several consumer products have made Sous Vide easy at home. 

Sear Marks Matter

We certainly think so. What's your vote?

Either you love sear marks or you think you can live without them. Let's see who has the popular vote.


With precise grill temperature control you can dial in your sear marks from golden brown to crispy dare we say charred black.  Just enough char for that perfect grilled flavor without being sooty.  Sear marks are flavor bars? Or garnish?  Read more in our blog post- Sear marks it's a matter of taste and style.

Golden Brown


Black Sear Marks


Crunchy Black Sear Marks




Steak Grilling Guide

Grilling a steak is precision grilling- a digital instant read thermometer is a must!  Times are approximate, but your perfect temperature is not.  Always grill to an internal temperature and allow for a little rise (carry-over) when you remove the steak from the grill.

Searious Stuff

Click here to purchase your very own GrillGrate Steak Grilling Guide Magnet

raise the steaks

Marinate or Marinade?

Pretty simple- marinate is a verb and marinade is a noun. You make a marinade in order to marinate a steak!

Keep it simple!

With only a few ingredients you can be eating steak like a king:

  • Oil
  • Acid
  • Salt and Sugar
  • Secret Flavorings
  • Love
The amount of time you marinate is relative to the thickness of the cut of meat and the acid level in your marinade. Marinate too long and you will have a steak with a weird undesirable texture.






El Jefe Cookers7th year in a row the winner of the
World Championship Steak Cookoff grilled with GrillGrates!
Kari Luke2016 Winner of The World Food Championships
$100,000 Grand Prize grilled with GrillGrates

Brad interviews BBQ Pitmasters star Moe Cason

Some of the biggest names in competitive
BBQ have been early adopters of GrillGrates


Week 1: Chris Collins, NJ

Week 2: Bonnie Lamkins, CO

Week 3: Jason Flowers, KY

Week 4: Bruce Johnson, MN

Week 5: Sandra Hernandez, NV

Week 6: Tim Carman, CA

Week 7: Ralph Holder, TX

Week 8: Greg Kolank, WI

Week 9: Kim Crossman, MA

Week 10: David Benedict, PA

Week 11: Josh MacDonald, GA

Week 12: Larry Harshbarger, IN

Week 13: Chad Terrell, FL

Week 14: Dennis Lindborg, IN

Week 15: Fred Wolters, MT

Week 16: Elizabeth Woodland, TN

Week 17: Walt Simmons, AL

Week 18: Marsha Schaer, WA

Week 19: Greg Penny, NC

Week 20: Bruce Gay, PA

Week 21: Michael Mozingo, NC

Week 22: Aaron Jones, AZ

Week 23: Chad Basquez, TX

Week 24: Bob Harpster, OH

Week 25: Scott Wallace, TX

Grand Prize: Bill Walsh, OH


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Precision Grilling

Grilling steaks is precision grilling and its all about time and temperature.  Cooking to a precise internal temperature requires an instant read thermometer and is the only way to cook your perfect steak.  It also helps to know what temperature your GrillGrate is so and the infrared laser thermometer tells you when your grill is in steak zone!  Tongs are also add to the precision by making it easy to ‘lift and twist’ for perfect sear marks and to easily handle steaks on and off the grill.  

Up your steak game with the right tools!

PT-75 Temp & Time
Grate Tongs

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