Grate Moments in Grilling Contest!

February 4, 2011

Who better to show and tell why GrillGrates grill food better than YOU The GrillGrate customer!   We want to include your best moments at your grill in new videos we’re creating featuring sizzling footage right down the food chain of grilling: Hamburgers, Steaks, Chicken, Brats and Dogs, Fish & Game and more.  Show and tell us why GrillGrates grill food better . Attach pictures, recipes, grate stories and video clips. 
Grate Prizes for Sizzling Footage and Photos!
We’re giving away some grate prizes for all photos and footage that makes our videos!
Show us YOUR Grate Moments in Grilling!   We’re especially interested in short video clips (less than 30 seconds).
Stay up to date and see the entries on the GrillGrate Facebook Page
First up is grilling perfect hamburgers.  Help us finish this video with your sizzling footage and photos of grilling grate hamburgers.