Guest Chefs / Chef Jody Flanagan

Meet Chef Jody Flanagan

Keeping it real since 1984, Jody is a food whisperer, golf course destroyer, and fantasy football fledgling. He is also CPR and forklift certified. Most importantly, Jody is the father of two boys whom he wishes to raise so that “they are not crappy people.” A half-sane, sleep-deprived southern gentleman, Jody was born in Augusta and has been a CSRA native his entire life. When Jody grows up, he wants to be a stay-at-home dad (he thinks he’d be really good at it).
Ultimately, Jody wants to live in a world where you’re taught how to do your taxes in school, where it’s illegal to cook a steak well done, and where dad bods are adored. That, or a world filled with shrimp appetizers, thin-crust pizza, and unlimited free samples. Jody enjoys quiet mornings with his coffee, cleaning his garage, and spreading the recteq gospel.
To Jody, food isn’t just something that he needs to survive; it’s a creative outlet. With over 15 years working every job in the food industry, let’s just say Jody makes a mean chicken wing. He is also a 2013 Columbia County Men’s Softball Champion (Pub Cubs), and a 2018 World Grand Champion at the Memphis In May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.
When he’s not smoking the most delicious food imaginable on his recteq, Jody can be found at home in a constant battle of trying to get his kids to eat more food and clean up after themselves.

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