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Meet Sam Hutson, Crove Food Co.

“For the love of cooking.” The Crove Food Co. slogan explains in one sentence, why I do what I do, but here is a little more about me!

My wife and I started Crove Food Co. in 2020, to share our passion for food and love of cooking with people near and far. Growing up in rural West Tennessee, we are surrounded by fresh ingredients, great people, and amazing opportunities to grow our love for food. “Crove” represents home to us, and we wanted our brand to reflect growing up on our family farm in the small town of Cottage Grove, TN. We started Crove Food Co. in our home kitchen with little to nothing, and a HUGE dream! We have poured our hearts and souls into it from day one and we are loving every minute of it.

With the support of our families, friends, followers, and partners, in just two short years we have already reached so many of our goals by continuously creating new content, and in return growing our following on all social media platforms. Our food content on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are a way for us to share our love of food and connect with you to bring “Crove” into your home.

My love of cooking led me to create my own line of rubs and seasonings. I tested rubs in my home kitchen for a few years and they are now available to order at We ship and package them right out of our newly renovated 9,000 sq. foot building.

To promote the rubs and to reach people across the Southeast, I started a SEC college football “Tailgate Tour” this year. I love tailgating and college football! I am so excited and thankful to be partnering with GrillGrate as the title sponsor for the Tailgate Tour! Find our BBQ trailer and catch us at one of the games this season! Check out highlights from every stop of the tour at

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