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Sam Hutson, Crove Food Co.

About Sam Hutson

“For the love of cooking.” The Crove Food Co. slogan explains in one sentence, why I do what I do, but here is a little more about me!

My wife and I started Crove Food Co. in 2020, to share our passion for food and love of cooking with people near and far. Growing up in rural West Tennessee, we are surrounded by fresh ingredients, great people, and amazing opportunities to grow our love for food. “Crove” represents home to us, and we wanted our brand to reflect growing up on our family farm in the small town of Cottage Grove, TN. We started Crove Food Co. in our home kitchen with little to nothing, and a HUGE dream! We have poured our hearts and souls into it from day one and we are loving every minute of it.

With the support of our families, friends, followers, and partners, in just two short years we have already reached so many of our goals by continuously creating new content, and in return growing our following on all social media platforms. Our food content on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are a way for us to share our love of food and connect with you to bring “Crove” into your home.

My love of cooking led me to create my own line of rubs and seasonings. I tested rubs in my home kitchen for a few years and they are now available to order at crovefood.com We ship and package them right out of our newly renovated 9,000 sq. foot building.

To promote the rubs and to reach people across the Southeast, I started a SEC college football “Tailgate Tour” this year. I love tailgating and college football! I am so excited and thankful to be partnering with GrillGrate as the title sponsor for the Tailgate Tour! Find our BBQ trailer and catch us at one of the games this season! Check out highlights from every stop of the tour at GrillGrate.com/Tailgate-Tour.

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Recipes by Sam Hutson, Crove Food Co.

TikTok Famous Nachos

These nachos made us go viral on TikTok so we had to bring that magic back on the road. But we went bigger and better for the fans that joined us on this stop of the Crove Food Co. Tailgate Tour.

Nashville Hot Chicken Wings

You can't go to Nashville without enjoying some Nashville Hot Chicken! We decided to do ours as wings because they're perfect for tailgating.

Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Slow and steady wins the race with these Pork Belly Burnt ends. Sam used Crove's own Pork Rub & Seasoning and Allegro's Spicy BBQ Sauce to take the flavors to the next level.

Pigs in a Blanket

It doesn't get any easier than pigs in a blanket! But add some Pepperjack cheese and grill them to make the perfect Game Day snack even better.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sliders

If Buffalo Chicken is a little too spicy for you, these Chicken Bacon Ranch Sliders are a delicious and flavorful alternative for game day eats!

Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks

Tomahawk steaks are one of our favorite foods period. Rails up for the perfect crosshatch or rails down for the full sear, you can't go wrong when you grill your Tomahwaks on GrillGrates!

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

We used Allegro Marinade paired with the new Crove Food Co. Pork Rub & Seasoning to showcase their flavors together on this Pork Tenderloin Recipe. Then we cooked over Cowboy Lump Charcoal on the Weber Kettle with GrillGrates to get sensational flavors and juicier meat.

Chicken Wings with Alabama White Sauce

Sam passed the Alabama White Sauce test with the help and expertise of Bama Grill Master who stopped by on this leg of the tailgate tour. Now the only question that remains is - drums or flats?

Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Poppers makes the perfect tailgating appetizer because they are a one-bite treat and full of flavor!

Allegro Original Marinade New York Strip

While on our first stop of the Tailgate Tour at UT Knoxville, we did an Allegro Original Marinade on some New York Strips. They were marinated for about 45-60 minutes, seasoned with the Crove Beef Rub & Seasoning and grilled over GrillGrates on the Weber Kettle.

Allegro Original Marinade Chicken Thighs

These marinated chicken thighs are a cheap and delicious way to feed a bunch of people. Just use Allegro Original Marinade and your GrillGrates and you can't go wrong!

Pig Shots

These are great for a tailgate because they are a one bite treat and very easy to eat. We began slicing the sausage into bite sized coins and then wrapped the sausage in bacon and pinned it all together with a toothpick. The rim of the bacon allowed us to have a hole where we filled it with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and our new Crove Fajita Rub & Seasoning.

Smoked Spare Ribs

These Smoked Spare Ribs are well worth the wait...They take about 5.5 hours, so we had to get busy! We rubbed the ribs down with our Crove Pork Rub & Seasoning, and then get the smoker ready. We put the ribs on the Traeger and used Cowboy Charcoal Brand “Charcoal & Applewood” pellets to smoke them with.

Videos with Sam Hutson, Crove Food Co.

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