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Brad Barrett


Although GrillGrate began in 2007, our story really started the first time Susan and I grilled together in college on a 22” Webber kettle passed down from my father. We grilled cornish game hens stuffed with rice. Today, our deck sports five grills in every category that host friends, family, taste tests, GrillGrate podcasts, and great conversation.

Our family business over the years has included snapshots of our kids in the warehouse, our office dog Morgan who offers calm on our roughest days, and our cherished team of fellow grillers that pack the boxes and keep the wheels turning. Of course, our biggest company perks involve the incredible meals that popup at our office grilled right in our parking lot and GrillGrate kitchen.

We are thankful for the years, the friendships we have made and the happiness we feel knowing backyards around the globe are firing up with GrillGrates. Our passion is a promise that the flames will continue to glow

Recipes by Brad Barrett

Game Day Quesadilla

Tortillas make great bases for quesadillas on the grill and nifty appetizers. Sometimes they’ll bubble up with air on the grill. Hot off the grill it is 5-minute grill duty. Of course, I’ll grill the vegetables first over a beer or two, and maybe some brats, but mostly its tortillas for healthy grilled appetizers. Got to have some hang time at the grill before kickoff!

Grill Great Breakfast this Holiday

Nothing shows off the versatility of GrillGrates more than grilling breakfast. Flip some or all GrillGrates over and channel your inner short order cook! When friends and family are home for the holidays start the day with a grraaaate grilled breakfast. Breakfast meats are simple, fast, and easy on the flat side. Move the meats off the heat and bring on the eggs, pancakes, French toast, and more!

Marinated Grilled Salmon 

This recipe adds a marinade to a hot and fast grilled filet.  Adding a marinade for the last couple of minutes of the cook brings a great boost of flavor to the filet. 

Hot and Fast Salmon

Our favorite way to grill salmon is hot and fast just like a steak. Salmon also stands up to bold seasonings. Our favorite is Denny Mike’s Fintastic. 

Tomahawk for Two

Susan had recently been away for a week and of course, she wanted a steak for dinner when she got home. Lucky for us our local Kroger has been well supplied with Tomahawk ribeyes and they were prime no less! This baby got the royal treatment. An hour or so on the Yoder Smoker then a hot and fast sear on the Weber Gasser. The Ruth’s Chris Kiss finished off the perfect sear with a bit of char. I chose better than Bobby Flay grilled potatoes for a grilled side and did them on our gasser while the Tomahawk was coming up to temp.

Classic Patty Melt

A patty melt is a crowd favorite. There are some strong opinions on what makes a patty melt a patty melt. A purist will tell you that it is seeded rye and swiss and a southerner will tell you that it is sourdough and cheddar. We did both to bring you two incredible options. This recipe is great for parties as it only takes about 15 minutes (once the grill is hot!) and it gets your guest interacting with the meal. So tell us, are you a rye or sourdough person?

Grill Your Favorite Breakfast Sandwich with GrillGrates

That’s right!  You can grill your favorite breakfast sandwich – everything, muffin, meat, and eggs all on the flat side of GrillGrates.   The grilled flavor really comes through. We learned from a customer that you can actually grill a fried egg on the backside of GrillGrates even with the holes.  The hot GrillGrate makes the egg whites congeal very quickly only a little white will fall into the grill.   

Ribeye Steaks- Seared, Not Charred

Grilling Ribeye Steaks is top-shelf grilling, and certainly one of the juiciest steak cuts. Flare-ups from fattier meats can engulf a beautiful steak in a second but not with GrillGrates which protect against flare-ups, and keep the...

Grilled Rack of Lamb Using The Reverse Sear Technique

Rack of lamb is a nice treat and when cooked properly it can become one of the most succulent and flavorful things you will ever eat. This simple recipe uses the reverse sear technique and very basic seasonings and preparation...

Bacon & Eggs on GrillGrates

Eggs over easy with a side of bacon please!  You can grill that will GrillGrates flipped to the flat side.  If you’ve never grilled bacon on the flat-side of GrillGrates you are in for a treat.  Ultra crispy, less greasy and so easy.  So it only took us 10 years to try a fried egg?  WOW between the bacon grease and the grills smoke the eggs have a superb grilled taste!

Crab-Cake Stuffed Salmon 

We find this wonderful combination of crab and salmon pre-made at Costco stores.  It’s is a regular on our Costco shopping list and a favorite to grill for guests. It's what we like to call a "show stopper".  The Grate Griddle is the perfect platform to grill this without it falling apart or burning up.  

Simply Delicious Grilled Pork Chops

The National Pork Board calls pork the other white meat! And just like the other white meat, chicken, it is easy to overcook, and when that happens, it becomes chewy and tough. An instant-read thermometer is a must...

Mac and Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Years ago, we discovered a nifty little invention called The Stufz Hamburger Press. We have been stuffing everything and anything we can into a burger! One of our favorite things to fill a burger with is mac and cheese...

Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

Everyone loves bacon and onion rings. Why not try them together? These are the perfect appetizer for any get together or game day party. Simple and tasty!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

This recipe is one that I grill at least once a week. These ingredients make the perfect pair, when the bacon is done the chicken is too.

Double Seared Rack of Pork with a 1/2 Twist

I channeled Diva Q with this Rack of Pork. DOUBLE SEAR with a 1/2 TWIST! Seared on the Kamado 1st, them roasted on the Yoder. Then off to the cutting board to cut into chops, then a final sear on the Kamado...

Better Than Bobby Flay Grilled Potatoes

Here’s another recipe that just grills better with GrillGrates! Bobby Flay calls for boiling the potatoes for 15 minutes, then let them cool, then cut into thick slices and onto the grill. Pre-cooking is time consuming...

Grilled Flank Steak

Flank steak is excellent grilling fare. In our house, there is only one way to grill flank steak (rare) and only one way to carve it (sliced thin on a sharp angle). Flank steak is great for a family style meal or grill up a...

The Ultimate Grilled Breakfast Pizza

The perfect way to jumpstart a tailgate! You will be the hero when you serve up this delicious feast. If you are feeding more than 5 people- consider making two pizzas. Maintaining a low grill temp...

Grilled Fresh Ravioli

This recipe gives you an innovative, and easy way to present large ravioli--- grilled right off your GrillGrates. It is easy, delicious, and transforms the old ravioli into a light, crispy side dish or appetizer. Grilled ravioli...

Rack of Lamb, Precision Seared on Any Grill

Rack of lamb is a nice treat and when cooked properly it can become one of the most succulent and flavorful things you will ever eat. This simple recipe uses the reverse sear technique and very basic seasonings and preparation...

Grilled Mahi Mahi

Fresh caught Mahi Mahi is a grilled delight. The pressure was on as these were Daddy / Daughter caught fish and we were feeding a 10 people. No pressure since I had the privilege of grilling on a Big Green Egg...

Herb Chicken Thighs with White Barbecue Sauce

Prepare yourself for a juicy treat of chicken thighs rich with herbs! The herb mixture grills dark to crispy perfection. The white sauce for dipping and dabbling adds a beautiful pop of flavor that compliments the spicy herbs...

Grilled Rock Star Tuna

Fresh thick Yellowfin, or Blackfin Tuna works well for this recipe. This is such a delicacy, that you want to be able to taste the flavor and not spend time disguising it!

My Father’s LONDON BROIL Recipe

London Broil was my Father’s signature dish. When I saw it marinating in the fridge I knew we were in for a feast. In honor of Father’s Day we dusted off Dad’s recipe. London Broil is a good value and is delicious when grilled...

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