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Pitmaster Matt Frampton


BBQ Champion Pitmaster and Chef Matt Frampton is a graduate of the International School of Pizza and is a certified Pizzaiolo from Italy, Sicily, and America. He is the owner and Head Pizza Dude of Urban Slicer Pizza Worx, a pizza dough and sauce company. Along with running Urban Slicer, he is still competing for BBQ championships, teaching cooking classes, and spreading outdoor cooking knowledge wherever he can.

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Recipes by Pitmaster Matt Frampton

Wreath Pizza

This recipe is to make some beautiful ‘Wreath’ Pizzas, grilled over a hot fire using Grill Grates. You can get creative with the toppings. Most of the toppings will go on the pizza after it has been cooked, as finishing toppings. These pizzas can serve as a main course, or an incredibly tasty appetizer.

Videos with Pitmaster Matt Frampton

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