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Malcom Reed

About Malcom

It’s my ultimate goal to share this passion with the everyday BBQ fans through my recipes, products and videos.

I started competing in barbecue competitions in 2002 and it didn’t take long for this hobby to develop into a full-blown addiction.

My love for BBQ inspired me to develop my own line of Killer Hogs Barbecue seasonings, my HowToBBQRight YouTube channel and the Podcast I do with my wife each week. And through these outlets I share my BBQ recipes and promote the BBQ lifestyle I love so much.

My wife and I started 11 years with no money, no connections… just a love for what we do. We’ve built this business from the ground-up, from mixing our first batches of rub on our kitchen table to hand shipping every order from our garage warehouse.

Now the Killer Hogs Barbecue and HowToBBQRight brands receive national recognition. And we plan to work just as hard in the next coming years as we have these past 11.

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Recipes by Malcom Reed

Malcom’s Spicy Sausage and Cheese Balls

Every Christmas we have Sausage & Cheese Balls around my house. They are a staple on Christmas Eve Morning – but also make a great appetizer. It combines some of my favorite things! But with this recipe I took a standard Sausage & Cheese Balls recipe and kicked it up to a whole, new level by adding some spice and getting them out on the smoker.

Guinness Marinated Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron steak is my go to cut for a quick and inexpensive dinner. These steaks typically run about 5.99/lb at the grocery store so for around $12 you’ll have a steak that can feed 3-4 people easily. The flat iron is cut from the chuck area of the steer and has a similar texture to sirloin. It’s best cooked on the rare to mid-rare side, and as always, slice it across the grain for tender pieces.

Malcom Reed’s Cheesesteak Sandwich

Tailgating season is upon is and the days are getting shorter. When we saw that Malcom Reed had come out with a video on how make cheesesteaks we knew we had to feature on our website. Malcom uses our Griddles to...

Videos with Malcom Reed

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