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Bring GrillGrates along on your outdoor adventure. Grilling over an open fire is hard to beat. Add GrillGrates for delicious gourmet grilling that is cleaner, safer, and minimizes flare-ups and uneven heat. GrillGrates cool quickly. Pack them in our carry bag so you can move on to your next adventure.

Some Portable Grills We Love

Portable grills are cool, but can be fire hazards. Fat from meat is not the way to start a bonfire. GrillGrates help tame portable grills so you can cook with confidence. Learn more about our favorite portable grills and tools on our blog.


Shop GrillGrates for Portable Grills

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No Grill? No Problem!
All You Need Are GrillGrates

And a little help from Mother Nature!  Logs, rocks or a hole.
 Learn more about how to build your own camp grill from scratch.

Four Ways To Build a Campfire

Smart & simple fire building techniques from our friends at www.bushcooking.com

On a deserted island?

Forget ice skates you want GrillGrates.

Park Grills? A Case Study In Disgusting

No more wondering how many raccoons have licked the grill before you decided to cook on it! GrillGrates simply lay on top of any existing grill surface. 


Gear Up For Grilling On The Go!