The GrateTool

(19 Reviews)


The GrateTool

The GrateTool


(19 Reviews)



The GrateTool

Lift, Don’t Scrape!

*hand wash only

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Shipping & Returns

(19) Reviews

  1. Barry Hoyer

    I have one of these and my son liked the ease with which you could flip burgers, so I bought him one of his own.

  2. Jim Morris

    Not only does the Grate Tool do an excellent job of managing the food on the Grillgrates, it does double duty when it comes time to scrape and clean out the valleys on the Grillgrates. Worth the purchase price by itself, and the fact they throw one in when you buy 2 Grillgrates is phenomenal.

  3. David A Delaney

    The tool works exactly as it is designed to do. It is well constructed and looks like it will last a lifetime. Also handy for cleaning out the spaces between the ribs.

  4. James Wilson

    Another winner from the folks at GrillGrates! I was skeptical at first but once I used it I knew it was for real. The ability to get under the meat and lift it up is much better than shoving a spatula under it. Even on hamburgers you can lift them without tearing the patty easily!

  5. bob

    I love it.

  6. Patrick

    The GrateTool is something you will want to use not only with GrateGrills but with any grill rack. By getting under the meat or fish you avoid pushing or tearing it. I keep two together whenever I need to turn or lift off a long or heavy piece of meat or a large whole fish.

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