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Custom Sized GrillGrates

Custom Cut GrillGrates
Custom Cut GrillGrates

Let Us Custom Size GrillGrates For Your Grill

We have standard grates already cut to lengths of 12", 13.75", 15", 16.25", 17.375", 18.5", 18.8, 19.25", 20" and 24". If your grill requires lengths that are different from these lengths we can custom cut grates for you from our standard panels to the dimension you need. For example if you need grates measuring  15.5" we can custom cut from our 16.25" panels.

Follow these three easy steps:


Measure your existing grill surface. Check the lengths of our standard panels to see if any of those would fit your grill’s front to back dimension.

Measure your grill surface

Check the lengths of our standard panels to see if any of those would fit your front to back length. If not, choose the correct length GrillGrate panel from which to cut from. Please note: we only custom cut from the sizes below. 

Sizes of GrillGrates

Choose the correct number of standard width panels and Gap panels which can be added together to accommodate your width.

Width chart

GrillGrate panels are 5.25" wide and interlocking. Gap panels are 2.33" wide and interlocking. PLEASE NOTE: We do not custom size the individual width of GrillGrate panels. 

 Please measure and order carefully. No refunds or exchanges on Custom Cuts. It is always a good idea to allow for .125" for expansion.

 Custom Cuts are outsourced. We make every attempt to process and ship all custom cut orders within 3-5 business days, but due to heavy volumes or holidays orders this is not a guarantee. We do not offer 2nd day service on Custom Cut orders.
 Confused? Give us a call 877-380-2527 or email us

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