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Introducing the GRILLMASTER™ App!

Whether you’re a seasoned GrillMaster or brand new to outdoor grilling, we built the GRILLMASTER™ App for you. Now you can have the ultimate grilling companion, right in the palm of  your hand!




Access to Hundreds of Recipes and Grilling Tips. Whether you’re a foodie looking for unique recipes, or a master of the grill looking for new tips from one of our guest chefs, the GRILLMASTER app has you covered.



We’re blessed with the most talented friends in the industry. From BBQ Bosses to Mavens of Mealtime, Everyone Knows You Can’t Grill Without GrillGrates. Learn tips, tricks and recipes from our GrillGrate Guest Chefs.


Learn Use and Care of Your GrillGrates. Get the most out of your GrillGrates! From initial seasoning before your first cook, advanced techniques, and dozens of how-to videos. PLUS learn how to keep your GrillGrates in tip top shape with cleaning tips from Brad himself.


Share Grate Meals with GrillGrate Friends. The GrillGrate online audience has been building for years. The GRILLMASTER App is the new destination for sharing recipes, tips, adding comments to and photos of your favorite meals. Don’t be left out.


You can download the app from the Apple App Store, or by visiting the Google Play Store.

GrillGrate. Eat Well. Get the Ultimate Grilling Companion.











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